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Project with Schedule & Budget Variance

Track project and budget performance in one sheet. Includes status summary, budget and schedule variance, and Gantt chart with dependencies. Compare estimated and actual labor, materials, and other costs.

More Project Management Templates

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Gantt Project with Hard Deadline.

Gantt Project with Hard Deadline

Project management template with Start-to-Finish task dependency setting to work backwards from a firm date. Includes Gantt chart and conditional formatting example.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Basic Project with Gantt and Dependencies.

Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies

Collaborate with your project team on managing tasks and sub-tasks with dependencies. Template includes Gantt chart in split screen view and conditional formatting examples.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Simple Project with Gantt Timeline

Simple Project with Gantt Timeline

Simple project with sub-tasks and Gantt chart view of your team’s timeline. Template includes conditional formatting example to emphasize at-risk tasks.

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