Brent Frei

- Sep 9, 2009

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Our Smartsheet customers have been doing some amazing things with the on-demand workforce available through our Smartsourcing feature. Still, it’s shocking how few people or companies are aware of what is possible via this next generation type of work exchange.

In the interests of advancing the productive capacity of all businesses, Smartsheet along with one of our partners LiveWork, is sponsoring an online event designed to increase awareness and understanding of utilizing on-demand workers. We’ve compiled research on 50 paid crowdsourcing technology vendors and assembled a visionary panel to discuss crowdsourced work’s march toward mainstream.

                                      September 17, 2009
                                    12 Noon EDT/9 AM PDT 

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We’ve decided share our own internal research on the on-demand workforce offerings. Register above and save $200 by getting it sent to you free prior to the Event.


Some Excerpts:

The Vendor Landscape:









Vendor Capability Matrix:


Hopefully you can attend the event and will find the discussion and content interesting and informative.



Killer idea! The vast majority of crowdsourcing's potential is unrealized; I hope this conference will serve as a dialog to discuss what ways crowdsourcing can be used and how to best reach the people who can benefit from it.

Is the a video of the event available or will it be held again in the future?

I missed the webinar - how do I get recorded/streamed file?
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Hi Matthew, You may have already seen the link...but in case you hadn't, you can listen to a recorded version of the webinar at Rgds Mark

Hi Brent, Smartsheet is a fantastic product and I am completely bought into the crowdsourcing mode. Smartsheet will certainly figure as the tool I use to manage the vendor. I am however struggling to find a crowdsourcing website that will help me create training content. I run a training company and one of the main challenge is making sure that the training content is constantly updated with new material and best practices. I would much appreciate some pointers on how I can effectively go about doing this.

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