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Eric Browne's blog - May 17, 2010 - 10:47 am

On the product front, we've added integration between Smartsheet and your favorite calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple, etc.).  Our goal is to help you get more done, whether that means being logged in to Smartsheet on your computer or mobile device, viewing key tasks in your calendar, or living in email, so calendar integration was an obvious next step.

Building on our previous Google Apps integration (single sign-in, Google Docs), we're happy to add Google Calendar sync, which includes the ability to:

  • Publish dates from a Smartsheet project, sales pipeline, or task list to Google Calendar
  • Update Smartsheet items from within Google Calendar
  • Overlay a Google calendar into a Smartsheet Calendar view.

In addition, there's an iCal Publish option which let's you subscribe to any Smartsheet from Outlook, Apple iCal or other calendars.  To sync your Smartsheet with your personal calendar, go to the Smartsheet Calendar view and look for the buttons in the lower left corner.

Stay tuned for more on the product improvement front.  Some great things are planned for our upcoming releases!


hey there team smarsheet....all i can say is wow.....and thank you!!

I love the Google calendar overlay, but I was wondering if there is anyway to overlay multiple Google calendars on one Smartsheet. I need to have a master Smartsheet which contains multiple client calendars from Google in one master calendar. Thanks for the help

Smartsheet currently permits overlay of one Google calendar per Smartsheet. However, you can go the other direction -- publish the master Smartsheet to Google calendar and it will show up in your "My calendars" list alongside your other Google calendars.

It would be great if the row data populated the google calendar entry. I get the first column, but would like the data from subsequent columns in the row to appear in the description field in the google calendar entry. for example, we have a column for a contact phone number. If that were to populate into the google calendar entry then we could click directly on it to call that person. Also, it would be fab if a particular column could be be sync'd with the google calendar 'where' field, so we could click on it to take us directly to a map.

Hi Mike, Thanks for the integration suggestions. We're working with Google to test some improvements to their Calendar API and are looking to leverage those improvements in the next version of our Smartsheet-Google calendar integration - stay tuned! - Kelly

does the smartsheet calendar sync with outlook?

Hi there, Yes, your Smartsheet calendar will sync with your Outlook Calendar (and any other calendar with the iCal format including Zimbra and Google Calendar)! There are a few steps you need to take to publish your Smartsheet calendar to your Outlook Calendar. 1. From the Calendar View of your sheet, click the 'Publish iCal' icon in the left toolbar. 2. The 'Publish Options' form will pop up - here you can turn on the integration with your iCal if you are an admin of the sheet (Outlook is listed as an option) 3. Click 'Add to my calendar' and you're all set! This article from our Help center goes into more detail: - Kelly

The publish calendar to outlook works but I have 2 questions: 1) It appears that the publish to outlook actually creates another calendar and does not update the calendar of the sender. Is there any way it can update the outlook calendar of the sender (administrator in smartsheet) ? 2) The outlook appointment appears as a whole day appointment. Is there to change that and make it possible to make tasks effective for specific hours (eg: 9 AM to 1 PM ) Thanks

Hi Hari, Thanks for your questions. In response to your first question - you can overlay the Smartsheet created calendar with your Outlook calendar (view -> overlay in Outlook) or you can merge the two calendars. Here's a guide on merging calendars from Outlook. Currently, Smartsheet does not support partial day task tracking, but it's a feature on our roadmap that we're working on. Hope this helps! Feel free to email for more detailed guidance. Thanks! - Kelly

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