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Scott Bean's blog - Oct 31 2012 - 12:00am

appleGreat news for iPhone users: The native Smartsheet app is here! The app makes it easy to access your work on the job site, in client meetings, or on the road. And it’s free with your Smartsheet account. Click here to download the Smartsheet app (compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.0 or later).

Smartsheet iPhone App

Smartsheet On The Go

Use the Smartsheet app to send updates, add notes, and edit existing sheets. Your recent sheets and search are right on the home screen to take you quickly to the specific sheet, row, or attachment you need. 

Snap To Attach Photos to Rows

Best of all, with the Smartsheet app you can quickly upload mobile photos directly to rows. This is perfect for tracking expenses or assets, capturing whiteboard notes, or adding a visual to your project status update. Just open the camera inside Smartsheet, or select photos from your photo library. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

Smartsheet expense tracking          Smartsheet iOS iPhone Video

What about Android, Windows and Blackberry?

No problem. You can access Smartsheet mobile from the web browser on any smartphone or tablet -- simply go to and log in. 


A Smartsheet app for Android is also available here.

Take It From Others 

Who’s going mobile with Smartsheet? Populous builds stadiums and manages world-class events, BBN manages radio station operations and network expansion, and Precise Biometrics captures mobile leads into Smartsheet web forms. Join them today by logging into from your mobile device, or download Smartsheet from the Apple app store.

Shape the Future 

We'd love to hear how you use the Smartsheet app, and get your feedback on new features you'd like to see as we roll out new versions of the app. Click here to tell us what you think. 


Emailing discussion emails from iphone app

on the laptop/desktop version of smartsheet, there is an option to dens a particular discussion entry to individuals using a drop down menu. I did not see this in the discussion section of the iphone app. Is this possible through the app?

Re: Emailing discussion emails from iphone app

Hi there,

While you can send Discussions from the Smartsheet web app, as you mentioned, our mobile apps don't currently support that product feature. You can send the entire row or copy and paste the discussion notes into an email from your phone or tablet.

- Kelly


Can we fill out forms in Smartsheet via the iPhone app?

Re: forms

Hi Megan,

While you can't fill out web forms in Smartsheet with our native iOS app, you can fill out a form on your iPhone – just send yourself the form link and open it up using the browser on your phone. If it's a form you'd like to use frequently, you can save the link as a shortcut on your phone's desktop.

Hope this helps!


Blackberry App?

Will there be a blackberry app?

Re: Blackberry App

Hi there,

I'll pass on your vote for a Blackberry app to our team. While we don't currently have a Blackberry app, the Smartsheet mobile web app will work on any smartphone. Navigate directly to the smartphone mobile login page from any browser at

- Kelly

Attachment via smartsheet mobile

Since Android app is not available yet, I try to upload pictures and attachments via smartsheet mobile, but that seems to be not possible? I can only view already attached files.

Re: Attachment via smartsheet mobile

We are looking into adding the upload capability to our mobile web app, although our mobile web app does not currently support uploading attachments.

Solution to uploading attachment files

Partner up with dropbox

Re: Solution to uploading attachment files

Hi there,

We have partnered with Dropbox and recently released the Smartsheet Android app. If you have the Dropbox app installed on your phone, you can upload from Dropbox via the Android app!


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