How Smartsheet Powers (& Empowers) Virtual Assistants

Jodi Sorensen's blog - Feb 2 2012 - 10:00am

Increasingly, companies are leveraging remote labor to amplify their workforce. Virtual assistants are a prime example of the power of remote workers. A new company, Prialto, combines technology, teams of remote assistants, and best practices to help busy executives and sales teams become more productive.

Eric Taussig, Prialto’s founder, shared the vision for the company: “We continually talk with executives who want to outsource administrative work but don’t have the time to manage the process. Our service provides a turnkey solution.”  

Unlike traditional virtual assistant companies, Prialto documents executives’ workflow and integrates productivity assistants to offload key processes such as calendar, CRM and travel management. Prialto has found focusing on recurring processes, rather than tasks, reduces the burden on executives to continually find new projects and grow their businesses.  

For a scalable project management system, Prialto turned to Smartsheet's online project management and collaboration tool, which allows its entire team to:

  • Organize its Knowledge Base:  Based on over 100,000 hours of experience supporting busy executives, Prialto has developed tools and best practices for hundreds of processes. Smartsheet serves as the primary tool for Prialto’s team to collaborate and share new techniques.
  • Coordinate On-Boarding:  “Our goal is to offload 2-3 high ROI processes for our members in the first 30 days,” says Andy Mowat, a Prialto principal and former VP at Elance. To eliminate the need for executives to send new projects, Prialto integrates its team of assistants into members’ email, calendar, CRM, phone, and other systems. “Smartsheet is a key tool for us to manage our on-boarding and process design,” says Mowat.
  • Manage Service Levels:  While each Prialto client, or ‘member’, is assigned a primary assistant, Prialto Team Leads use Smartsheet in conjunction with other tools to manage work levels and ensure rapid responses.

Prialto is growing rapidly as it helps executives and sales teams become more productive.  Mowat sums it up this way: “Smartsheet enables us to deliver a high level of member service with scalable processes.”

Prialto uses Smartsheet to coordinate its library of best practices for executive productivity.


Prialto tracks and manages their team’s schedule, role, and availability in Smartsheet.


Processes vs. tasks

I'm intrigued by "Prialto has found focusing on recurring processes, rather than tasks, reduces the burden on executives to continually find new projects and grow their businesses." My own efforts at personal productivity also focus on processes, not tasks. When you get stuck doing tasks you never have time for the "strategic" aspects of your business and personal lives.

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