How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel


Jodi Sorensen

- Jul 8, 2013

I like Excel. I use it daily. In companies and homes all over the world, people use Excel for everything – from a makeshift calculator to tracking massive projects. Given the software's omnipresence, it’s no wonder so many people try to repurpose it for tasks that Excel was never meant to do.

Smartsheet's News You Can Use for July 3, 2013


Keri Brady

- Jul 3, 2013

project management links

Greetings, fellow Smartsheeters! We’re in the middle of a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s finally starting to feel like summer – and just in time for Independence Day. Due to a short work week here at our offices, News You Can Use has been bumped up to Wednesday to accommodate for the barbecuing, fireworks, and general festivities later this week.

Tips from Support: Using Google and Smartsheet


Kelly Anthony

- Jun 25, 2013

You know how peanut butter is really good on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else (like jelly, a banana, chocolate, a graham cracker...)? Smartsheet is like that too – pretty darn great on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else. Like Google Apps and Google Drive.

Tips from Support: How to Automate RYG Balls


Kelly Anthony

- Jun 18, 2013

Time to break out those formula skills again!  This week, we’ve got another slick “nested IF” formula for you to use to automate Red-Yellow-Green symbols.  Commonly referred to as “those handy RYG balls,” these symbols are often used to indicate if a task is on time (Green), approaching its due date (Yellow), or overdue (Red).  


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