Tips from Support: How to Backup Your Data


Kelly Anthony

- Oct 22, 2013

In September, I did it – as part of Disaster Preparedness month, I finally put together my own disaster kit.  Assembling my emergency water, blankets, and mapping out my evacuation routes got me thinking -- not so much about natural disasters, but about staying one step ahead of the worst case scenario.

8 Project Management Blunders That Can Cost You Your Neck


Kelly Anthony

- Oct 14, 2013

project management links It's that point in the meeting that all project managers dread. The moment when all eyes turn to you, and the Big Kahuna (aka the CEO, the Chairman of the Board, the VP of Marketing) basically says, "This cluster is falling on your head."

Maybe it's not a literal beheading that you receive, but it's definitely nothing good for your career.

New: Android App is Here!


Jenny Gruening

- Sep 16, 2013

Today marks an exciting milestone – the Smartsheet Android app is now available! With Smartsheet on your mobile device(s), it's never been easier to update your work, access real-time project details, and share information with others.


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