Smartsheet Loves Mobile


Erik Rucker

- May 24, 2013

Today marks the release of version 1.2 of our native iOS app for Smartsheet.  Apple users will get into the app and get their work done even faster than before with this latest update.  We’ve made the grid more interactive, attachments & discussions easier to work with, and eliminated up to 40% of th

Tips from Support: How to Manage Your Team Account


Kelly Anthony

- May 21, 2013

This one’s for all the Team accounts out there: SysAdmins, we have some words of wisdom for you! We’re dedicating this week’s blog to helping Team account leaders get the most out of User Management tools.

Before jumping into our tips for mastering the management of your Team account in Smartsheet, here are some basic User Management terms to help you get started.

Capture Ideas with a Mobile Web Form


Jodi Sorensen

- May 17, 2013

Complete a web form with an iOS microphoneGood ideas have a habit of arriving at inconvenient moments, usually when pen and paper are unavailable or using a keyboard is perilous. A technology I use to get around this is Apple iOS voice to text. On the iPhone, whenever you’re presented with a text box iOS almost always includes a microphone icon.


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