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Customer Spotlight: TECHO

TECHO, a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America and the Caribbean, recently shared how they use Smartsheet to increase productivity, improve efficiency and ultimately reach their goal...which is to change the world by eliminating poverty in the slums of Latin America. Marcos Cavanagh, Corporate CFO for TECHO, explains below how they effectively use Smartsheet to work with a young global workforce, keep actions transparent and hold the dispersed team accountable to overcome poverty. Founded in Chile in 1997, TECHO has been working to permanently eliminate poverty throughout Latin America. We’ve seen huge growth over the past 17 years and maintain locations in 19 countries.
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Tip: Create a Calendar Dashboard in 7 Quick Steps

A great way to stay organized and not let anything slip through the cracks is to make sure all of your important dates are in one handy calendar. Follow these simple steps to make your own master calendar in Smartsheet. Say goodbye to creating yet another task list or individually publishing massive plans to your calendar. A master calendar shows you a roll up of task assignments, meetings, and deadlines that are spread across multiple sheets. When you use cell linking to create your calendar, dates are automatically updated in your master calendar whenever they’re changed in the source sheets.
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GSA Chooses Smartsheet Over Microsoft Project

Three years and several months ago, our cloud fathers brought forth for this government agency, a new way of working, conceived in the cloud, and dedicated to the goal that all programs and people within it shall be efficient and accountable.” Maybe it’s a stretch, but I’d like to imagine Abraham Lincoln would’ve been impressed with the strides in the government’s adoption of cloud technology. In 2011, the General Services Administration (GSA), the mega agency in charge of supplying products and communications for US government offices, led the federal government’s charge to the cloud with the adoption of Google for its email and calendar system.
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