Credit Unions Evolve in the Cloud


Jodi Sorensen

- Jul 30, 2012

What's it take for credit unions to compete with big banks for members and assets? Impactful community programs, superior services and tailored products. But delivering can be a challenge with smaller budgets and available resources, and yet all the same regulatory requirements as the big guys.

Introducing the #1 Feature: Linking Between Sheets


Mark Mader

- May 2, 2012

Smartsheet released a host of new features today, including what could considerably be the most important, and anticipated, feature we’ve introduced in the last year: linking information across sheets. As the #1 most requested feature to date, we’re thrilled by the impact this will have on our customers’ productivity.

Apps on Tap - What Gets Used and Why


Brent Frei

- Apr 26, 2012

Progressive companies are running more and more of their business in the cloud. Certainly the companies choosing Gmail, Calendar and Docs tend to make future decisions in favor of the cloud -- and most notably, in favor of apps that work well alongside the Google Apps.


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