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Project Management Basics Not to be Overlooked

Robert Kelly, From contributing writer, Robert Kelly, PMP: It's not uncommon to end up as a project manager through practical experience.  Chances are you're doing the things that have always worked for you, made your teams successful, and earned you promotions - without ever reading a book on project management or completing a certification course.  

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Smartsheet Tips: 3 Things to Know About Columns

One of the reasons so many teams love Smartsheet is that it looks like a familiar spreadsheet, with tons of brilliant collaboration features layered in.  While there are many differences between Smartsheet and other online spreadsheets, one of the biggest (and often overlooked) differences with Smartsheet is the power built into the different column types available in each sheet.  

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Cleaning productsSpring has sprung in our corner of the world, which means it’s time for that annual deep clean. Spring cleaning is traditionally an opportunity to bust out our kitchen sponges and give our homes a good scrub from top to bottom. The days are getting longer and we have more energy to cross tasks off our to-do lists.

Overall, spring cleaning is a great time for...

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