Customer Spotlight: A Charming Occasion


Kelly Anthony

- Jun 5, 2014

It's that time of year again - wedding season has kicked into high gear. With all of the details to coordinate and schedules to plan, it's no surprise that wedding planner extraordinaire and entrepreneur, Joelle Duff of A Charming Occasion, uses Smartsheet to keep her thriving business organized and her clients happy on their way to the altar.

Tip: How to Use Reports to Run More Efficient Meetings


Kelly Anthony

- May 27, 2014

Depending on how many projects you’re involved in and the size of your team, there’s a good chance you have quite a few sheets in Smartsheet to keep you on track. Workspaces and folders are great tools to help you stay organized, but what if you want to quickly search across all of the sheets you own and pull key information together in one spot?

Survivor: API - Bitmasks Get Voted Off the Island


Kevin Tao

- May 12, 2014

In January, I joined Smartsheet as the new developer for the API, replacing Kyan, who has moved on to help spearhead the new Platform team. It's been a fun first few months learning the ins and outs of the Smartsheet codebase, and working on my first set of API enhancements (see the release notes here).

Your Smartsheet Data is Unaffected by Heartbleed


Jodi Sorensen

- Apr 8, 2014

You’ve probably heard about the serious OpenSSL Heartbleed security hole and the related patches hitting servers today. We wanted to take a minute and explain a few things. Most importantly, after our Security Team fully audited the situation, we are confident the Smartsheet systems and your data are not affected.


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