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If Not Email, Then What?

Phil Simon is a recognized technology authority and award-winning author of seven management books. In this month's guest post, he discusses the downfalls of relying on email for business communication. It’s not hard to find communication failures. On February 18, 2015, Carnegie Mellon University (my alma mater) mistakenly admitted 800 students via (you guessed it) e-mail. On an individual level, we’ve all hit “reply all” by mistake. At a minimum, the result is embarrassment. Worst case scenario: You’re looking for a new job. I truly believe that many employees have reached a tipping point regarding email.
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The Top 5 Smartsheet Apps for Marketers

Social media, email marketing, landing pages, blog writing, PR outreach -- marketers wear a lot of hats and are constantly juggling different projects with various teams. And, they’re always looking for tools and apps to simplify their marketing efforts. But, the irony is that using dozens of apps actually makes you even less productive. You don’t have a central location for all your information -- everything is spread out between different places and it can be challenging to stay in sync. That’s where Smartsheet can help. Marketers choose Smartsheet to centralize their work, using it like their homebase, then they connect to key apps for additional features.
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Smartsheet’s most requested features are coming this spring. Our customers continually help shape Smartsheet, and many have been asking for the more robust project management features of duration in hours and critical path. We’ve heard your feedback and have appreciated your patience. And now, we’re excited to say that these features are officially coming in the spring of 2015. Duration in minutes, hours and weeks, as well as critical path, brings Smartsheet to the next level in terms of project management and team collaboration. These new features give project managers and owners more control to coordinate even bigger, more complex projects quickly and efficiently.
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