Collaboration: Taking Mankind to the Depths of the Ocean


Diana Ramos

- Aug 22, 2014

Since 2009, Stockton Rush and his team at OceanGate have strived to develop the most powerful subsea manned submersibles in the market. With the goal of revolutionizing deep-sea exploration, his team of professionals bring expertise covering a wide range of disciplines. From marine engineering to scientific data collection and sampling, they have a handle on developing customizable, safe and quality submersibles.

Lessons Learned Building Mobile Applications


Kelly Anthony

- Aug 6, 2014

At Smartsheet, we’re constantly refining and improving our product, including our mobile apps. Over the past years, we’ve put tremendous effort into building a great user experience via native mobile apps for iPad/iPhone and Android. It’s why half our engineering resources are committed to delivering the iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Roundup: Top 5 Project Management Posts


Kelly Anthony

- Jul 23, 2014

With slower summer schedules, it’s a great time to get organized and ready to tackle the rest of the year. Whether you’re looking for quick, easy techniques for planning your next workback schedule, figuring out what a Gantt chart is, or looking for some tips to keep your mind sharp and planning skills up to speed, check out these top project management posts from the Smartsheet blog.

Migrating Apps to the Cloud: Trade-Offs and Questions


Ken Asher

- Jul 21, 2014

Security professionals are constantly negotiating the tension of security versus ease of use.  Savvy security professionals know that their users will often choose a less secure technology that makes getting things done easier, over a more secure technology that makes getting things done harder.  The trick is in aligning the secure choice with the efficient choice.

Customer Spotlight: TECHO


Kelly Anthony

- Jul 9, 2014

TECHO, a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America and the Caribbean, recently shared how they use Smartsheet to increase productivity, improve efficiency and ultimately reach their goal...which is to change the world by eliminating poverty in the slums of Latin America. 


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