The Secrets to Growing with Google Apps


Brent Frei

- Nov 19, 2013

Three years ago, Smartsheet was one of the first third-party applications available in the Google Apps Marketplace. At the time, we were a scrappy little startup with fewer than 10 employees and were looking for avenues to grow.

Google took a simple but effective approach to developing the Google Apps Marketplace:

Our Latest Smartsheet Release


Jenny Gruening

- Nov 16, 2013

We’re excited to announce that a better, faster experience attaching files from Google Drive is here. Being able to access your files from Google Drive via a new Google Picker directly in Smartsheet gives you instant access to all of your files.  Using Google and Smartsheet to get things done with your team just got quicker.  

Tips from Support: How to Print Your Gantt Chart


Kelly Anthony

- Nov 12, 2013

Sometimes, you just need to get things down on paper – even when you’re working in Smartsheet.  Whether you need printed PDFs to pass out for a meeting or want to discuss your project schedule with someone without having them log in to Smartsheet, knowing how to customize your Gantt PDF can help you out when you need to take things offline.  

Smartsheet Best Practices for Marketing Teams


Kelly Anthony

- Nov 5, 2013

Rather than hire a marketing coordinator, the marketing department at Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union filled the headcount with Smartsheet. "We needed a well-organized resource to rely on to keep us on top of the flurry of inter-departmental projects. Smartsheet has filled this role in staffing," explained Michelle Payne, communications and education manager for the large credit union.

Tips from Support: How (and When) to Copy Information


Kelly Anthony

- Oct 29, 2013

Copycats rejoice!  This week we have tons of tips for copying information in Smartsheet.  Saving time and ensuring continuity are two of the biggest benefits to duplicating information in the app, and you have many options at your fingertips to do so.  Whether you want to copy the big picture or just a small detail, we’ve got you covered with five different methods to copy information:


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