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The Secrets to Growing with Google Apps


Three years ago, Smartsheet was one of the first third-party applications available in the Google Apps Marketplace. At the time, we were a scrappy little startup with fewer than 10 employees and were looking for avenues to grow.

Google took a simple but effective approach to developing the Google Apps Marketplace: ... Read more

How To Plan & Execute a Philanthropy Program in Two Weeks


Last month, I was talking with Jon Ruzicka a lifelong friend from Grangeville, Idaho, who is now a public high school principal. We were trading stories in our relative fields of interest - collaborative software and primary education. Along the way, we stumbled on an opportunity to use our individual strengths to make a difference. ... Read more

TIP: Flip Your Spreadsheet on Its Ear


Managing work in spreadsheets can quickly get out of control as sheets get wider and wider when every new item associated with your work deserves a new column. Soon you’re scrolling horizontally as much as vertically.  

How can we tighten the sheet up and make it more usable?

... Read more

Apps on Tap - What Gets Used and Why


Progressive companies are running more and more of their business in the cloud. Certainly the companies choosing Gmail, Calendar and Docs tend to make future decisions in favor of the cloud -- and most notably, in favor of apps that work well alongside the Google Apps.

Smartsheet - A Business App for Google Drive


Today, Google added Drive to its suite of online business applications, and Smartsheet is already adding an extra gear to its transmission.  Google Drive has upped the ante for anywhere, any-device access to files in the cloud.

Turning Dead-End Spreadsheets into Dynamic Projects


Thanks to all who joined me yesterday on our webinar “Turn Dead-end Spreadsheets into Dynamic Team Projects.” We had great interest in the topic from folks in a wide variety of roles.

The New Kid's First Steps in Task Management


Asana - New Kid on BlockYesterday welcomed Asana, the 323rd entrant into the online task/project management arena. This one is notable in that the founders are early Facebook alumns.

Google Apps Marketplace: Separation Begins


Leading Online ApplicationsGoogle Apps' Switzerland approach of not favoring any particular Marketplace ISV is a necessary stance in a growing ecosystem. But from the shoppers' perspective, the unbiased choice is both a benefit -- and a burden. Variety improves the quality and diversity of choices, but it feels like you’re drowning in all the options when searching for the best fit. ... Read more

5 Fundamentals for Revving Up an Online Business Application


Revving Up Online ApplicationsBecause Smartsheet gets kudos for its usability, I often get asked about how we decided on the fundamental design of the product. Keeping an application "easy to use" sounds simple enough. But when you've got powerful features, it's anything but.