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Tips from Support: 3 Things to Know About Columns


One of the reasons so many teams love Smartsheet is that it looks like a familiar spreadsheet, with tons of brilliant collaboration features layered in.  While there are many differences between Smartsheet and other online spreadsheets, one of the biggest (and often overlooked) differences with Smartsheet is the power built into the different column types available in each sheet.   ... Read more

NCAA Final Four 2014: Higher Stakes, Same Tool


“My definition of success is seeing things happen just as we planned them,” said Marc Klein.

Tips from Support: 3 Web Form Tricks to Try


Web forms are a great way to quickly gather information from others directly into a sheet.

One CIO's Secret to Unlocking Innovation


It’s a struggle for many companies to continually innovate, but for large enterprises in particular, it’s especially difficult. It's not so simple to “switch gears.” With more people, competitors, market pressures and processes in place, it gets harder and harder to shift to a new, innovative direction. ... Read more

Tips from Support: Best of Formulas


Applying formulas to your sheets is an effective way to automate actions and calculations.  Smartsheet supports a number of formulas including some of the basics like numeric, logic, text and date formulas to some more complex, advanced formulas. ... Read more

New: Save Print Settings and Highlight More Changes


At Smartsheet, we’re always looking for ways to help you manage work more efficiently.

The Evolution of the Spreadsheet: How did it begin and where will it go next?


The Evolution of The SpreadsheetSpreadsheets have a come a long, long way over the years, and plenty of companies today are duking it out to build the best one. So we took a look at the evolution of the spreadsheet and which elements make the best one to serve the way you work today and into the future.

Take a look... ... Read more

Tips from Support: Tips for International Users


Do you use Smartsheet to work with a dispersed or remote team?  You’re not alone - tens of thousands of our customers use Smartsheet to help make the world a little bit smaller when it comes to working with teams in different parts of the globe.

Customer Spotlight: Brivo Labs


What does it take to entice an Excel addict away from their Microsoft ways? The allure of real-time access... perhaps redefining “efficiency” or taking teamwork to the cutting edge.