Add Contact info for co-workers, clients and other collaborators/Smartsheet users.   Adding them as a contact will make it quick and easy to send them email from Smartsheet, share sheets to them or assign tasks to them in a sheet.  You don't need to assign them a user type - sharing permissions are chosen on a sheet by sheet basis when you share it.

Import Contacts from your Email

  • Click on your account email in the upper left corner and select "My Smartsheet Contacts"
  • Click on the "Import Contacts" button in the lower left corner of the form
  • Select your email provider (Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, or Plaxo or choose Other to select contact export files from Outlook (csv), Entourage, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Palm, vCard, or Yahoo)
  • You may be asked for your email username and password (Don't worry, we will not store your password. It will only be temporarily used to access your email address book.) and click "Sign In".
  • Check which contacts you want to import into Smartsheet and click "Next"
  • Confirm the contacts you've selected and click "Done"
  • The contacts will be added to your Smartsheet contact list.  Nothing is sent to the contacts from Smartsheet automatically.  The contact will now be available for quick selection whenever you are typing in a name to an Assigned To field in a sheet, the To: box on a sharing form or an email form.


Import Contacts from a .csv file

  • Download this file Contact Import.csv to use as a template
  • Copy/paste first names, last names and email addresses into columns B, D, and BF in the .csv file and save the file on your computer (must be saved as a .csv file)
  • Login to Smartsheet, click on your account email in the upper left and select "My Smartsheet Contacts"
  • Click on the "Import Contacts" button at the bottom of the form
  • Select "Other" among the source options and click on the "Next" button
  • Keep the default File type of Outlook(.csv), browse to select the saved .csv file on your computer, and click on the "Next" button
  • Choose the contacts you wish to import (all or a subset) and click "Done"

Add Contacts Individually

  • Click on your account email in the upper left corner and select "My Smartsheet Contacts"
  • Add the name and email of a contact and click on the "Add" button, confirm info and click "Ok"
  • The new contact will show up in the list of contacts


Add Contacts via Sharing

  • Click on the "Sharing" tab at the bottom of a sheet or report, click on the "Share" button at the top of the form
  • Type a name or email address into the To: box.  Smartsheet will try to find the name or email address in your list of Smartsheet Contacts for you to select.
  • If it's a new contact, when you click out of the To: box, a Contact form will appear with the name or email that you typed.  The email address is required but the name is optional - click "Ok" to add the contact to your Smartsheet Contacts list.  You can type in other email addresses or choose the permission level and enter a personal message on your sharing invite before you send it to your new Smartsheet contact(s).


Edit or Delete Contacts

  • Click on your account email in the upper left corner and select "My Smartsheet Contacts"
  • Right click on a name in your contact list and select "Edit Contact" to edit the name or email address or select "Delete Contact" to remove that contact from your list. 
  • TIP: Note that deleting a contact from your list will not remove that contact from sheets you've shared to them.  You will need to go to the sheet's sharing tab, right click on the name and select "Remove from Sharing" if you no longer want them to have access to that sheet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can see my contacts?

A: Your Smartsheet contacts are private - you are the only one who can see your contact list.  If you assign a task to one of your contacts or share a sheet to them, their email address will be visible to other people who have access to the sheet.

Q: Why don't all My Contacts appear when I click in a Contact List column?

A: Your Smartsheet contacts are available, and auto-resolve, when you type into a cell within a Contact List column type. When you or a person who has been shared the sheet clicks on the dropdown arrow in the column, they will only see the names of the people present in the sheet’s Contact List type column(s) plus those to whom the sheet has been shared.  This provides the convenience of you being able to quickly enter names of people you frequently enter, without exposing your entire contact list with your clients or others accessing your shared sheet.