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Feature Prioritization & Roadmap with Gantt

Organize and analyze feature priorities for your product by category, market weight, and number of requests. Gantt chart allows you to visualize timing and assess tradeoffs.

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Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Web Project with Gantt and Dependencies.

Web Project with Gantt & Dependencies

Outline for web site project including planning, design, and development tasks. Includes Gantt chart in split screen view, dependent tasks, and conditional formatting to emphasize milestones, assignments, at risk tasks, and completed items.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Requirements Collection Checklist.

Requirements Collection Checklist

Outline of tasks to collect, organize, and communicate requirements for a new project. Includes steps for requirement discovery, analysis, and use cases. Helps initiate project development by tracking status, priority, and key dates.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Requirements Feature Prioritization - Simple.

Feature Prioritization - Simple

Simple list of desired product features with columns to categorize, rank, evaluate rationale, and summarize development challenge. Share with team and attach requirements, customer emails, and surveys to support decisions.

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