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Corporate Strategy Planner

Provides a single place for exec teams to develop a corporate strategy and track stakeholder approval of vision, mission, objectives, and tactical initiatives. Share across senior management, department heads, and board.

More Company Management Templates

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Meetings Action Items Tracker.

Meetings Action Items Tracker

Simple sheet for managing routine staff meetings and deliverables. Great for tablets. Select full Harvey ball to automatically strike through 100% complete items. Delete sample data and modify to fit your needs.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for M and A Due Diligence with Gantt.

M & A Due Diligence with Gantt

Grouped tasks for collecting information in a merger & acquisition transaction. Includes example Gantt chart with task dependencies and conditional formatting.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Company Goals Tracker.

Company Goals Tracker

Use this template to track progress on key corporate metrics and major initiatives by month, quarter, and year. Share the sheet with key stakeholders and get regular updates to keep your company on track.

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