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Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies


Template screenshot
Attach links, documents, photos, and more to any task
Drag Gantt bars to change dates, drag and drop to connect tasks

You can add to or modify Smartsheet templates as you see fit — a template is simply a starting point for your work.

One of the most popular Smartsheet templates, this sheet helps you manage your project and provides an easy-to-grasp visual for coworkers and clients. All in one handy sheet, you can update tasks, manage dependencies and track progress.

  • Provide real-time visibility on project status to your team and clients
  • Store everything about your project in the sheet – files, links, and notes
  • Access and update the project from anywhere – even your phone

Learn how to use this template

Using the Sheet

Project Template (4:16)
See how to use the Basic Project with Gantt template to manage a project.

Customizing Your Sheet

This sheet includes basic columns for managing a project. Type over the sample data to add your Tasks, select Dates, and indicate Assigned To. A few tips about the Gantt chart:


Change dates & set dependencies 

Click and drag the edge of a Gantt bar to instantly change dates. Drag one bar onto another to set a dependency. Values you enter in the % Complete column will appear as progress bars over each Gantt bar.

icon milestone

Set milestones

Working backwards from a hard date? Set a milestone on the date, and Start-to-Finish (SF) dependencies on preceding tasks. Or start from this template.



Use the Zoom buttons to shift between Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly views.


Gantt settings

Click the Gantt chart’s gear icon to change settings like dependencies and workdays.

Using Your Sheet
A few keys to managing your project:
Change columns Add files & notes Switch views

This sheet includes basic columns for project management. You can insert more columns, drag the column headings to move them, or change column properties to suit your needs.

Click the paperclip to attach files or links to task rows on the sheet. Discussions are a great place to log meeting notes, emails, and ideas.

Click the toolbar icons to switch views from the spreadsheet grid, to a Gantt chart, to a calendar view. To change settings on Gantt or Calendar, click the gear icon.

Sharing & Collaboration

When your sheet is set up the way you like it, click the sharing tab to share your project. Give your team Editor permissions so they can update task details, while you control sheet design. Share to others with Viewer permissions.

When you kick off your project, ask your team to add attachments, notes, and status updates to their assigned task rows on a daily basis. Then your project status will always be up to date for all stakeholders to see.

Set alerts

Set Reminders to notify yourself and others about key dates. You can set Reminders on each row, or set an alert on the entire sheet to remind task owners days in advance of due dates. To notify yourself and others of project updates, click the Alerts tab and set for immediate, hourly, daily, or weekly alerts.

icon highlight changes

Highlight changes

To see recent changes to the sheet, click the Highlight Changes button.

icon view cell history

View cell history

To see a history of cell revisions, right click on the cell and select View History. This is helpful to see who made changes to the sheet, and when. 

Request updates image

Request updates

If you'd like a status update from a team member, send an Update Request. You can send Update Requests to anyone -- even people who aren’t shared your sheet, like clients or outside vendors.

icon at risk

At risk

Use the At Risk flag to emphasize items, then filter those items to focus your team’s status meetings.

More Project Management Tips

hierarchy icon

Organize with hierarchy

To summarize the Start Date, End Date, and % Complete of your entire project, insert a new Project Summary row at the top of your sheet, then indent all other rows beneath it.



To call attention to key information, you can automatically change format rules on date, assignments and status with Conditional Formatting. For example, you can use conditional formatting to set a unique Gantt bar color to each project team member.

formula icon

Use formulas

You can add columns with spreadsheet-like formulas like SUM, COUNT, and IF to compare actual days to plan, track material costs, or count tasks completed and remaining.

Managing Multiple Projects

cell link

Link cells

Use cell linking to roll up data from several sheets to build a multi-project dashboard. Or, you can string projects together by setting dependencies on task dates in other sheets.

reports icon

Build reports

Use Reports to show items that meet criteria you specify on specific sheets. For example, create a report to show all items assigned to you, and are labeled as high priority, and are not complete. You can edit information directly in a Report, and your changes will be immediately updated in the the source sheets.

resource management icon

Manage resources

Use Resource Management to manage allocation of people across multiple projects. 

More Resources


Project Management (3:08)
A quick introduction to key Smartsheet features to help you with Project Management.
Gantt Chart View (2:10)
Watch how to add a simple Gantt chart to an existing sheet.
Alerts & Reminders (2:40)
Track changes to your sheet with email notifications and stay on top of key dates with reminders.

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