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Sales Pipeline by Probability


Template screenshot
Attach proposals, presentations, or contracts to each opportunity
Great on mobile – add or view pipeline updates from the field

You can add to or modify Smartsheet templates as you see fit — a template is simply a starting point for your work.

Collaborate with sales reps and move your highest probability deals to close. Use this template to view and track key info on each opportunity, including rep, estimated deal value, close date, sales stage and status, contact info and next steps.

  • Switch to Calendar View to instantly see expected close dates
  • Store everything about each opportunity — quotes, trip notes and emails
  • Set automated reminders to follow up

Learn how to use this template

Using the Sheet

Customizing Your Sheet

Use this template as one central sheet or roll up multiple versions, depending on your team size and number of opportunities.

small team

A small number of reps and opportunities

In this case, share a single pipeline with your team.

big team

A large team with separate tracking sheets

With larger teams, create individual pipelines for each rep or territory and use cell linking or reports to roll-up across multiple pipelines. 

Key Columns

The template is set up with the following key columns:

  • Opportunity: In this column, add your sales opportunities like “Acme: 100 Widgets” and “Acme: 5 Year Maintenance.” The Opportunity column is a Primary Column that Smartsheet will use for automated features like alerts, so a distinct name is key. 
  • Opportunity Details: Enter key info about each opportunity, including Contact Name, Estimated Value, Expected Close Date, and Next Step.
  • Probability: This column indicates level of confidence in closing the deal. As probability improves, move the opportunity up the sheet by dragging the row handle on the left.
  • Status: This column is a red-yellow-green stoplight to show how the deal is progressing.
  • Sales Stage: This column is a customizable dropdown list to fit your company’s processes, double-click the column heading and change the column properties.
  • Sales Rep: Set up as a Contact List column, this column will display a list of matches from your Smartsheet contacts. Reps won’t see their assigned opportunities until you share the sheet with them.
  • The top summary row: These cells use formulas to display the number of deals and the value in the pipeline.
Using Your Sheet
A few keys to managing your pipeline in Smartsheet:
Change columns Add files & notes Switch views

You can insert more columns, (like weighted value, influencer names, travel costs),  drag the column headings to move them, or change column properties as you see fit.

Click the paperclip to attach files or links to task rows on the sheet. Discussions are a great place to log meeting notes, emails, and ideas. Store everything about your pipeline in one place. 

Click the toolbar icons to switch views from spreadsheet grid to a familiar calendar view of all your opportunities by expected close date. Double-click an opportunity to change its details.

Sharing & Collaboration


When your pipeline is set up the way you like it, click the sharing tab to share it with your sales team.

Whether you want to share a single pipeline with your whole team, or have individual sheets for each rep, the sales manager should own the sheet, and reps should have Editor permissions. Then the sales manager owns layout, and reps can update opportunity details. 

Ask reps to add attachments, notes, and status updates to their opportunities on a daily basis, or more often. Then your manager’s view of the pipeline will always be current. 

Set alerts & reminders

Set Reminders to notify yourself and others about upcoming close dates. You can set Reminders on each row, or set the sheet to remind each rep days in advance of all close dates. To notify yourself and others of updates, click the Alerts tab and set for immediate, hourly, daily, or weekly alerts.

icon view cell history

View cell history

To see a history of cell revisions, right click on the cell and select View History. This is helpful to see who made changes, and when. 

Request updates image

Request updates

If you want a status update, send an Update Request to the Opportunity owner.

Other Pipeline Tips

filter icon

Filter columns

Click on a column filter on to show a subset of opportunities. For example, filter to show only opportunities owned by a specific rep or at a certain stage. 



The pipeline template includes example Conditional Formatting to emphasize closed opportunities with bolded text. To change formatting rules, click the Conditional Formatting button. 

Managing Multiple Pipelines

If you manage multiple reps or territories, a cell-linked dashboard sheet can give you a high-level summary across multiple pipelines, and Reports can help you see changes across multiple sheets. 

cell link

Link cells

Use cell linking to roll up the summary row values and key opportunities from each pipeline you manage. 

reports icon

Build reports

Use reports to show items that meet criteria you specify within the pipelines. For example, create a report to show only Mary and John’s deals worth over $10,000 and in Contracts stage. 

move icon


Create a “Closed Opportunities” sheet for a searchable historical archive. When a deal closes, select the row menu in the pipeline then select Move Row to Another Sheet

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