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Team Task List by Priority Template


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Schedule reminders to keep sight of upcoming due dates
Add, update, and review tasks from your mobile phone or tablet

You can add to or modify Smartsheet templates as you see fit — a template is simply a starting point for your work.

Use this sheet to keep your team organized and cut wasted time in status meetings. Group tasks by priority, assign ownership, and use symbols to illustrate progress. Focus your team's next status meeting with this real-time view.

  • One resource for your team and management to check for status updates
  • Organize all task details – files, links, and notes – in one always-accessible spot
  • Delegate tasks and automate reminders to optimize team performance

Learn how to use this template

Using the Sheet

Customizing Your Sheet

A few tips to get started:
  1. Add tasks. Go ahead and type over the sample data, adding your own tasks to each row. The tasks column is a Primary Column, so the task name will be featured in task-related alerts. The Primary Column is also where you can collapse and expand row hierarchy. To take full advantage of this column, create clear, distinct task names. 
  2. Set dates. Use the Due column to set due dates for each task. This column has date formatting so when you click on the cell, you can either choose a date from the calendar dropdown, or enter one manually.
  3. Assign tasks. The Assigned To column is set up as a Contact List column. When you assign a new task, Smartsheet searches your contacts and displays a list of matches to choose from. Keep in mind that task owners won’t see assigned tasks until you share the sheet. 
  4. Show status. Symbol columns are a great way to visually track task status. The sheet currently uses red-yellow-green balls and red flags. However, you can change these to whichever symbol you prefer in the column properties display window. 
  5. Track progress. The Status column is set up as a dropdown column. Dropdown columns help ensure consistency when entering new data. Double-click the column heading to change the dropdown list of status options.
Using Your Sheet
A few keys to managing your team task list:
Change columns Add files & notes Switch views

This sheet includes basic columns for task management. You can insert more columns, drag the column headings to move them, or change column properties as you see fit.

Click the paperclip to attach files or links to rows on the sheet. Discussions are a great place to log meeting notes, emails, and ideas. Store everything about your team tasks in one place.

Click the toolbar icons to switch views from spreadsheet grid, to a familiar calendar view. To change settings on Calendar, click the gear icon.

Sharing & Collaboration


When your sheet is set up the way you like it, click the sharing tab to share it with your team so they can start contributing.

Give your team Editor permissions so they can update task details, while you control sheet design. Share to others with Viewer permissions.

Ask your team to add attachments, notes, and status updates to their assigned task rows on a daily basis. Then, the team’s status will always be up to date for all stakeholders to see.

Alert icon

Set alerts

Set Reminders to notify yourself and others about key dates. You can set Reminders on each row, or set the sheet to remind each task owner several days in advance of their task due date. To notify yourself and others of sheet updates, click the Alerts tab and set for immediate, hourly, daily, or weekly alerts.

Highlight changes icon

Highlight changes

To see recent changes to the sheet, click the Highlight Changes button.

View cell history icon

View cell history

To see a history of cell revisions, right click on the cell and select View History. This is helpful to see who made changes, and when. 

Update request icon

Request updates

If you want a status update, send an Update Request to the task owner. You can send Update Requests to anyone -- even people who aren’t shared to your sheet.

Lock icon

Protect key data

Lock rows and columns to prevent Editors from making changes to your layout, formulas, and key data.

More Tips

Conditional Formatting icon


To call attention to key information, you can automatically change format rules on date, assignments and status with Conditional Formatting. For example, you can automatically strikethrough tasks that have been checked off as complete.

Mobile icon

Go mobile

Download Smartsheet for your Apple or Android mobile device to add or view real-time goal status from wherever you are.

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Columns have special properties that make using your sheet easier and more powerful.
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