Template Tutorial & Tips: Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies

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Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies

Use this template

Collaborate with your project team on managing tasks and sub-tasks with dependencies. Template includes Gantt chart in split screen view and conditional formatting examples.

You can add to or modify templates as you see fit — a template is simply a starting point for your work.

Setup Tips

When you share your project, give your team Editor permissions – then you own the layout and your team members can update task details.
To change format rules on dates, assignments, and status, click the Conditional Formatting button.
  • Lock rows and columns to prevent Editors from making changes to your layout, formulas, and key data.
  • Working backwards from a hard date? Set a milestone on the date, and Start-to-Finish (SF) dependencies on preceding tasks.

Gantt Tips

Drag one bar onto another to set a dependency.
Use conditional formatting to set unique Gantt bar color to each project team member.
Click the Gantt chart's gear icon to change dependencies and other settings.

Collaboration Tips

To notify yourself and others of project updates, click the Alerts tab and set for immediate, hourly, daily, or weekly alerts.
To see a history of cell revisions, right mouse over the cell and click View History.
  • To share real-time project status with customers, click Publish tab to create a link to a read-only view.
  • To see recent changes to the project, click the Highlight Changes button.
  • For visual status indicators, use Red-Yellow-Green symbols or Harvey Balls.