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Event Plan & Budget

Plan and manage every detail of executing your event, conference, or show: due dates, task completion status, budget, and actual spend. Easy to share and update with event team, remote colleagues, and key vendors.

More Marketing Templates

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for 4 Month Product Launch with Gantt

4 Month Product Launch with Gantt

Includes common product launch activities and task dates that calculate automatically from launch date milestone. Also includes Gantt chart, predecessors formula, task duration, and conditional formatting to emphasize incomplete tasks.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup

Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup

Metrics snapshot to analyze relative performance of all marketing campaigns. Unifies interactive and traditional campaigns, tracks conversion metrics from reach through conversion, analyzes dollar performance at each stage and ROI.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Marketing Quarterly Goals

Marketing Quarterly Goals

Track marketing department goals to quarterly targets. Customize to your own needs and share with your team. Star automatically shows quarterly goal over target.

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