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New Hire Checklist

Track all the detailed documents required to bring new employees on board – signed offers, W-4 forms, benefits enrollment – and make sure each document gets to the right place to complete the task.

More Human Resources Templates

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Master Hiring Tracking Sheet.

Job Candidate Tracker

Track background, status, and feedback on applicants and recruits by position. Attach resumes and evaluations to each candidate row for easy access, use comments and discussions to track interviewer feedback.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Interview Process with Gantt.

Interview Process with Gantt

Details a standard operating procedure and timeline for hiring, including position definition and approval, recruiting and interviewing candidates, and selecting and closing a new hire. Includes Gantt chart with dependent tasks.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Employee Objectives and Performance Review

Employee Objectives and Performance Review

Sheet for tracking employee objectives, progress, and feedback. Gets you started with an outline of evaluation topics, best practice guidelines, instructions for each element in the process, and sample information.

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