Aligning a Global Enterprise With One Tool


Aligning a Global Enterprise With One Tool

QAD helps their customers realize one impressive vision: “A future where your business processes are operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals.”
As the leading provider of enterprise resource planning software for global manufacturing companies, QAD had to master that vision internally before they could deliver it externally. Coordinating more than 1,600 employees and 90 partners across the globe allows no room for feeling overwhelmed. So how does QAD do it? With a work collaboration program that enables seamless teamwork — Smartsheet.

Successful projects start with smart business decisions

Since its founding in 1979, QAD has run the gamut of workflow management programs (including the latest Microsoft Project) in their enterprise. However, as Director of IT Architecture Scott Lawson would tell you, complexity quickly created frustration among departments. “It was easy to slip a date or over-allocate a resource unintentionally. People ended up keeping track of their task lists in Excel, Google Sheets, or even pieces of paper.”
Such scattered resources certainly didn’t aid efficiency. QAD needed a program that offered support for their enterprise-wide operating goals of better business decisions, flexible work management, and connection to their existing IT architecture. Leadership needed more transparency in team activities that didn’t require a huge learning curve with a new program. The solution had to be lean, all-inclusive, and easily integrated.
Enter Smartsheet. Soon after implementing Smartsheet, QAD saw how instant visibility on project statuses cut down on emails, phone updates, and other areas of wasted time. A quick look at a project’s Smartsheet helped company leaders make better decisions in a timely, conscientious manner.

The Swiss Army knife of solutions

It didn’t take long for just one QAD Smartsheet user to turn into 2,000; every department jumped on board and many partners embraced instant sharing via the cloud. Not only did Smartsheet integration reduce email, it helped QAD streamline IT and marketing operations, optimize financial task management, and implement and automate successful projects. More than 83 percent of employees began using Smartsheet, which quickly spread to their partners and customers. It was the key to more effective manufacturing and delivery of goods.
QAD’s Smartsheet integration was so successful, we thought a handy case study would be useful to show what tools QAD found most effective for simplifying daily tasks. Implementation could save your company thousands of dollars in licensing fees other popular project management tools require. More importantly, you’ll find real-world examples of how ready-made Smartsheet templates can optimize any department. Whether you run a small business or a worldwide enterprise like QAD, Smartsheet is the comprehensive solution to more time and productivity, better decisions, and fewer hiccups along the way. Give Smartsheet a try to see how we can optimize your global enterprise.

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