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Attach notes to Smartsheet projects and set up Evernote-to-Smartsheet sync

Coordinating your team just got a lot easier. Smartsheet and Evernote’s seamless integration gives you the tools you need to create, plan and do. Use Evernote to capture your ideas, and use Smartsheet to make them a reality. You can integrate Smartsheet with Evernote in two ways:

Attach from Evernote: Add Evernote notes directly to Smartsheet tasks, assign owners to own each one, and add due dates. Attach shared notes to Smartsheet tasks so every web clip, image, and detail is available in one place as your team works on the plan together.

Sync from Evernote: Send Evernote notes to Smartsheet and create task lists, collaborative projects, or archive thoughts and ideas. Import any Evernote attribute into Smartsheet, then share the details, assign tasks, and use reminders to stay on track.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and actionable - Select any notebook and attribute like title, body, author to import. Every note becomes a row so you can take action.
  • Always up to date - Link Notes directly to any step so everyone is on the same page.
  • Update anywhere - Download free mobile apps to view and edit your plan on the go.


How to Attach from Evernote

  1. Click the Attachments tab at the bottom to attach a note from Evernote to the sheet, or the paperclip icon on a row.
  2. Click the blue Attach From... button, and select Evernote from the list of options. Authorize access between Evernote and Smartsheet in the pop up screen.
  3. Select a notebook or note from Evernote and click the blue “Ok” button.
  4. See the help documents for more information.

How to Sync from Evernote

  1. Visit Smartsheet Labs Evernote.
  2. Click the Login with Smartsheet button.
  3. Allow Smartsheet Labs access to your Smartsheet account and follow the directions to sync Evernote to Smartsheet.
  4. See the Labs FAQ for more information.



Smartsheet Labs applications are experimental apps built by Smartsheet. These apps are not official Smartsheet products and are not officially tested or documented. We make no commitment or warranty that they will work or be continuously available. For more information, see our Smartsheet Labs User Agreement.