Use Maps to take your location-based data and tell a visually compelling story. Map your clients’ locations to help plan on-site visits, or plot out retail stores and group them by revenue to help analyze performance. Find it on Smartsheet Labs, a place for customers to test drive new, experimental apps.

Key Features:

  • Easily add details - Fully customizable marker labels add context details to the story to so you can add context to the story you tell with your map.
  • Use colors to categorize - Use custom colors and groupings to bring your map to life.
  • Intuitive orientation tools - Map legend makes your information easy for others to read.

How to get it:

  1. Navigate to Maps
  2. No need to create an account - simply use Login with Smartsheet to login with your Smartsheet credentials
  3. Use Maps with an existing Smartsheet or a pre-built template such as Sales Pipeline by Rep or Simple Sales Pipeline
  4. Follow the wizard to select the Smartsheet you want to map, then create and configure your map
  5. See the Labs FAQ for more information


Smartsheet Labs applications are experimental apps built by Smartsheet. These apps are not official Smartsheet products and are not officially tested or documented. We make no commitment or warranty that they will work or be continuously available. For more information, see our Smartsheet Labs User Agreement.