Tempus Timesheet

The Tempus Timesheet extension makes it easy to connect employee timesheets to Smartsheet. Once enabled, employees submit their timesheets to Tempus which get matched with projects in Smartsheet.  Use the integration to manage and edit timesheets, discover whether resources are being used correctly and more accurately plan your projects

Key Features:

• Track actual hours via timesheets against your plans as well as non-project time such as PTO, Holidays and Vacations
• Easy setup and connection to Smartsheet
• Full workflow for manager’s approval of timesheets
• Discover inefficiencies and find out why
• Submit actual hours back to Smartsheet

How to get it:

1. Navigate to the ProSymmetry website to get your free trial of Tempus Timesheet
2. Follow our simple step by step guide to setting up Tempus Timesheet
3. If you have a question at any time, get in touch with our support team at [email protected]