GSA Chooses Smartsheet Over Microsoft Project


GSA Chooses Smartsheet Over Microsoft Project

Three years and several months ago, our cloud fathers brought forth for this government agency, a new way of working, conceived in the cloud, and dedicated to the goal that all programs and people within it shall be efficient and accountable.”

Maybe it’s a stretch, but I’d like to imagine Abraham Lincoln would’ve been impressed with the strides in the government’s adoption of cloud technology.

Google lays the groundwork

In 2011, the General Services Administration (GSA), the mega agency in charge of supplying products and communications for US government offices, led the federal government’s charge to the cloud with the adoption of Google for its email and calendar system. Today we announced the GSA is extending their cloud ecosystem by approving and rolling out Smartsheet to all employees. This is all part of a major push for the agency to be more efficient, cost-conscious and accountable in their work.

Ben Kepes captured the significance in Forbes today: "The Microsoft Office franchise has been the number one pick of Government agencies for decades. That the GSA would choose an upstart like Google was something of a shock. Well, the stress in Redmond continues with news today that the GSA has selected Smartsheet to be its online collaborative project management tool. This is, obviously, something of a concern to Microsoft whose Project product has been the go-to app for project management for the longest time."

As with most large organizations, Smartsheet was quickly embraced by GSA employees as an easy to use, cloud-based project management tool. Seeing the traction, they put Smartsheet through a rigorous security review process. When it passed their requirements, they in turn bypassed traditional project management software like Microsoft Project in favor of deploying Smartsheet across the entire organization.

And because Smartsheet works seamlessly with Google Apps, GSA links its program management schedules and Gantt chart timelines in Smartsheet with Google calendars, Gmail and Google Drive. Connected cloud apps = greater efficiency.

Who else is using Smartsheet?

Along with the GSA, Smartsheet has long been a favorite of teams at federal agencies including NASA, Library of Congress, National Institutes of Health, National Parks Service, NOAA, US Department of Energy, National Archives and Records Administration, and US Department of Veterans Affairs.

State organizations have also caught the Smartsheet bug, including the State of Maryland, District of Columbia, Utah, Indiana Department of Transportation, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Idaho Department of Corrections, and New York Storm Recovery Resources Center.

Add to that, teams at hundreds of city governments such as Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Sante Fe, Milwaukee and San Antonio.

We love hearing their stories of transformation and the results they’ve gained from their use of Smartsheet for their project and collaboration efforts. No matter the program or initiative – from election logistics, constituent programs, IT projects, wetland research and grant management – these folks are working together more efficiently, getting the job done.

Plus, centralized federal purchasing 


Smartsheet is now also available via the Winvale Group GSA Schedule GS-35F-0074S which allows government agencies to easily purchase products and services from vendors after they’ve undergone an extensive approval process and security testing. It’s a giant stamp of approval.

I'd like to think Honest Abe would've been a big Smartsheet fan. Anyone who said "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" was clearly a project manager at heart.




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Intend to make use of Smartsheet in our organisation as the preferred project management Software.

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