Building a World-Class Smartsheet Environment


Building a World-Class Smartsheet Environment

New customers sometimes see Smartsheet as a series of spreadsheets with some cool collaboration features that they can use to get work done. While Smartsheet does offer great collaboration features, the work execution platform empowers teams to have an impact on their organizations.

One of the ways they do this is by creating a network of Smartsheet dashboards and reports that enable internal and external stakeholders to easily navigate to high-level views of the information they need to make decisions.

In my role as senior solutions consultant, I talk with customers in various roles, from project managers who want to evaluate and communicate the performance of their projects to leadership, to executive team members who rely on portfolio reporting to make key business decisions.

The customers who are most successful embrace process automation and connect the departments throughout their organizations through the Smartsheet platform.

During the ENGAGE’18 session “How to Create a World-Class Smartsheet Environment,” I outlined how you can use Smartsheet to solve typical workflow pain points and how to successfully adopt and plan for scaling the platform throughout your organization, as well as product best practices, and how to uplevel your Smartsheet skills.

I hope you enjoy watching the session video below: