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Ensuring PMO leadership, project managers, and your internal and external customers are aligned regarding your organization's PMO can be a challenging process. There is a general inefficiency due to traditional methods of managing projects, portfolios, and enforcing consistent PMO program operations. These traditional methods and tools usually include Excel worksheets, Microsoft Project, and a litany of meetings and emails with no formalized approval processes for project go - no go. Just as painful as inefficiency is a general lack of program visibility which leads to lower internal accountability, often causing program delays. PMO groups struggle to forecast future demands on their team, and often
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In the first article of this series, I posited that a meaningful strategy for accomplishing collaborative work in the cloud can only be achieved by thinking more holistically than has traditionally been the case. The reality is that work collaboration that drives competitive advantage is a multi-faceted endeavor. It requires the adoption of multiple best-of-breed solutions across five categories of collaboration - Create, Store & Sync, Communicate, Reference, and the rapidly emerging category of Manage. Investing in each creates a composite that unlocks unprecedented value - a “new possible” where previously unimaginable levels of collaboration, automation, and insight are achieved. Simply
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