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For IT and business leaders searching for a universal technology to solve the needs of every user involved in cross-functional work, “one-app-to-solve-all-needs” ignores the reality that effective collaboration in a cloud-based world is a multi-faceted endeavor. Instead, the secret to success lies in the social elements involved in cross-functional work, and finding ways to strengthen communication by utilizing systems already in place.

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With an estimated 2.5+ billion smartphone users worldwide by 2019, the race is on for technology providers to deliver significant, valuable mobile collaboration solutions to businesses. Mobile collaboration tools are no longer simple chat apps, but complex and nuanced solutions for the enterprise. Case in point: Microsoft’s introduction of their SharePoint iOS app and Facebook’s recent play to take a share of business collaboration with Workplace. As more and more mobile collaboration technologies hit the market, organizations are increasingly taking pause to assess the difference between mobile collaboration and collaboration mobility, and the nature of collaborative work overall. Collaboration
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