A move to the public cloud presents a unique set of challenges and possibilities that have been explored ad nauseam. Rather than regurgitating the choices and potential pitfalls you have in front of you, I thought it would be helpful to talk about Smartsheet’s journey to the public cloud after more than ten years of pre-public cloud experience, and what we’re learning along the way. The public cloud offers an unprecedented opportunity to change the way IT has previously managed capital expenditure. That said, we knew that once our data was in one cloud, moving would be hard. And the larger our dataset the worse off we would be. So in planning our move to the public cloud, I have started budgeting
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Ensuring PMO leadership, project managers, and your internal and external customers are aligned regarding your organization's PMO can be a challenging process. There is a general inefficiency due to traditional methods of managing projects, portfolios, and enforcing consistent PMO program operations. These traditional methods and tools usually include Excel worksheets, Microsoft Project, and a litany of meetings and emails with no formalized approval processes for project go - no go. Just as painful as inefficiency is a general lack of program visibility which leads to lower internal accountability, often causing program delays. PMO groups struggle to forecast future demands on their team, and often
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