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Card View is designed to give you and your teams a visual way to streamline communication and coordinate workflow from start to finish. We’re continually improving the way Card View works to help you work more effectively. Not familiar with Card View yet? Card View is inspired by Kanban boards - a work visualization style designed to let teams easily manage their work. Using Card View, the columns and rows in Smartsheet are replaced by lanes of cards that let you visually track the flow of your work from start to finish. Our recent improvements to Card View make it easier to add and edit items, as well as manage resource allocation. Here are a few of the key changes we made to Card View in our last
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Smartsheet’s partnership with Google has been a key part of growing our business and bringing the promise of collaborative work management to life. Google’s dedication to helping their customers connect and get their best work done has made it easy for us to work together over the past ten years. Today, we’re excited to share that our fifteenth Google product integration – Smartsheet for Google Inbox – is now available. Knowledge workers everywhere are being inundated with new productivity solutions at a dizzying rate. Trends like BYOA and BYOD empower us to make productivity choices that work best for our teams. However, they also make it difficult to connect the dots and
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Activity Log

We’re excited to announce Activity Log, one place for sheet owners, admins, and editors to see who has viewed a sheet, what changes were made, and when those activities occurred. Until now, if you wanted to know who made what changes to a sheet, you’d have to click into each cell to get the cell history. For larger sheets with many collaborators, this could be a time-consuming process. With Activity Log, you can see those changes logged in one place, and also track who viewed your sheet and when. You can even filter by action types, collaborators, and date range to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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