New in Smartsheet: Enhanced Symbols, Office Timeline, and Tableau Integration


New in Smartsheet: Enhanced Symbols, Office Timeline, and Tableau Integration

Picture your work in more ways. Visualize who is doing what from every perspective, at the task, project, team and enterprise levels, and get the right message to the right person. 

From displaying your sheet as a Gantt chart to revealing patterns of collaboration with the Account Map tool, Smartsheet helps businesses visually explore the resources, processes, and content in every project. 

And now, you have even more power to choose how you want to visualize your work with three new features:

50 New Symbols to Make Your Point, Faster


An array of over 50 new column symbols helps you communicate more efficiently. You can visually describe where an item is headed with trend arrows, order priorities with flags, stars, or exclamation marks, as well as rate items for things like difficulty, cost, strength, or pain. The symbols are flexible and easy to use, conveying more information at a glance.

To choose a symbol that works best for your project item: 

  1. Set up the column you wish to display status symbols by right-clicking on the column head and selecting "Edit Column Properties" at the bottom
  2. Select "Symbols..." in the Column Types list
  3. Choose the visual symbols you wish to use


Project Plans Made Beautiful in PowerPoint

Build beautiful visual representations of your project plan, ideal for presentations to management or customers. With the Smartsheet and Office Timeline integration, you can visually display your work and highlight critical components of a plan. Use quick filters to weed out unnecessary data, customize your presentation with colors and shapes, and easily send to others as an image, .pdf, or PowerPoint slide. 

To get Office Timeline and build beautiful project plans:

  1. Download and install the free trial version of Office Timeline from:
  2. Launch PowerPoint and navigate to the Office Timeline tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.
  3. Click on New dropdown and select Import from SmartSheet to create your first visual.
  4. Purchase Office TImeline Plus to continue using the Smartsheet integration after 15 day trial period expires. 

Requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8  (Functional on Windows XP but unsupported*), Microsoft Office 2007 or later, Office Timeline Plus purchase required beyond free trial.


Your Data in Pictures with Tableau 

See your data in charts with Smartsheet’s new Tableau integration. Deliver powerful visualization, analysis, visibility, and insight by integrating live Smartsheet data into Tableau and Excel dashboards. Visually track everything from sales territories to personnel start dates to sales quotas. 

To connect Smartsheet and Tableau: 

Only licensed users on enterprise plans will have access to the Smartsheet Live Data Connector, which enables this Smartsheet and Tableau integration. The Live Data Connector will be automatically included in all enterprise subscriptions. To download it, visit To learn more about the Smartsheet Live Data Connector, read our blog post


More Ways to Picture Your Work in Smartsheet

These are just three of the ways Smartsheet helps you picture your work. Learn about all the visualization features in this new video:


Visualizing our work, with symbols, project plans, and dashboards, can quickly convey a complicated idea and make that idea stick. It streamlines communication, and gets the right message to the right audience. 

How will you visualize your work? 




Is your intension to have Tableau incorporated within Smartsheet or are you providing a way to export to it? If you open a Tableau graph will it have the latest data from smartsheet? can this data be extracted from a smartsheet report? Love the new additions - keep up the good work!!! Roger

Re: Tableau

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Roger, Our integration with Tableau will be enabled via an ODBC driver that customers can use to build Tableau visualizations using live Smartsheet data. We are in the final stages of testing it and looking to release in Feb / March. Glad to hear you're loving the new updates, stay tuned for more! Thanks, Kelly

Tableau and Office Timeline

Tableau and Office Timeline aren't really great options if you are 1) a smaller company and 2) use a Mac. Office Timeline is Windows only (not interested in getting parallels for this app) and Tableau is very expensive and requires someone with technical expertise to set it up. Are there any plans on just making the native views within Smartsheet more functional? I'll just take the existing views but make it so I can export them as a PDF in a better format. Thanks.

Re: Tableau and Office Timeline

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Sean, Visualization of data in Smartsheet is one of our key product themes this year and you will see improvements around Gantt printing as well as charting and dashboarding. Today within Smartsheet you have the ability to print a copy of the Gantt chart, save it as a PDF or paste an image of it into PowerPoint. However, there are not a lot of options for taking the Gantt and formatting it the way you can with a product like Office Timeline. For our users that need a summary level timeline visualization that can be manipulated in PowerPoint, Office Timeline is a great solution. While this is only available on a Windows platform today we expect that this restriction will change in the future. Thanks again for your feedback and stay tuned for more options to visualize your work in the coming months. Best, Kelly

Office Timeline and Tableau

There is always Boot Camp, or other options for running Windows on your Macintosh. Office Timeline and Tableau are two very attractive reasons to do so for us.

Enhanced symbols

But how do you insert them?

Re: Enhanced symbols

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Pieter, The enhanced symbols are already available to you -- you'll see the new options when you select "Symbols..." as your column type. Thanks! Kelly

Enhanced symbols - custom labels?

Can I change the descriptive labels on the symbols? For example the colored balls: in a form it would be helpful if I could call the red one HOT and the yellow: VERY IMPORTANT and green: IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT and blue: WHEN YOU GET TIME Can that be done?

Re: Enhanced symbols - custom labels?

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Sharon, You can create whatever labels you'd like to go along with your symbols, you'll just have to add those descriptors separate from the symbol columns themselves. You can always include Help text to explain what each symbol means in your web form. Thanks, Kelly

Labeling Symbols

Hi, How do you actually change the labels/descriptors for symbols? I would like to change the green button to say 'complete' instead of 'green' etc. Thanks Maddy

Keynote Integration?

Is there a timeline for Apple Keynote integration as well as PPT?

Re: Keynote Integration?

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Jason, We don't have a timeline integration for Apple Keynote planned currently, but I've shared your feedback with our Platform team to take into account for the future! Thanks, Kelly

Office Template Integration

Nice integrations. I checked out office template and I really like the visualizations. It looks like I don't need SmartSheet to create them. Is this correct? Can't I just build my timeline within powerpoint using this app instead? Also, what is the cost of the office template app? the site doesn't say (or quite hidden since I can't find it).

Re: Office Template Integration

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Robb, You can create a simple, basic timeline using just Office Timeline, though you would need a separate slide for each plan and collaborating with others as your project progresses would be much trickier than in Smartsheet. More information on pricing for Office Timeline can be found here: Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Kelly

Mac version similar to Office Timeline?

is this in the works?

Re: Mac version similar to Office Timeline?

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Larry, It's not currently in the works, but I've shared your feedback with our Platform team to consider as they prioritize future integrations. Thanks for your suggestion. Best, Kelly

I also would love to see

I also would love to see Office Timeline available for Mac users. Please count my vote for this priority!

RE: I also would love to see

Emily Esposito's picture
Janice, thank you for your feedback! I have also passed along your comment to the Platform team. Thanks, Emily

Any plans to integrate a 'ticket' system with SmartSheet?

We really like SmartSheet but haven't been able to find a 'ticket' system we like - we 'kind' of use SS to setup projects and timelines, but is there any thought about integrating some kind of a ticketing system with SmartSheet? Or could you recommend one that would work for 7 small radio stations spread across several hundred miles of SouthEast Alaska? I am familiar with things like SpiceWorks, and Request Tracker, but none of them 'quite' work for us - so I figured I'd ask..... Thanks! Rich Parker Director of Engineering CoastAlaska, Inc

Re: Any plans to integrate a 'ticket' system with SmartSheet?

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Rich, Good question -- we are currently working on integrating Smartsheet with JIRA, targeting later this year for release. Stay tuned! Thanks, Kelly


Need a tutorial on the latest Smartsheet bells and whistles in the west LA Area. Anyone available? Happy to pay for your time.

Re: Tutorial

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Juliana, Please email us at [email protected], our team is happy to help you out. Thanks, Kelly

Wow! Looks great!

Sure wish it worked on a Mac.

Re: Wow! Looks great!

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Andy, Thanks for the feedback -- I've shared it with our Platform team to take into consideration. The new symbol columns and Tableau integration will work for you regardless of the device you're on. Best, Kelly

import to office timeline

I keep getting the "error importing data from smartsheet" when I try to upload my project from Smartsheet to the office Timeline.. why ? Is it maybe because I have only "viewer" rights in the project or?

Re: import to office timeline

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Thomas, Glad to hear you're trying out the new integration. The support team at Office Timeline will be able to help you troubleshoot -- you can reach out to them here: Thanks! Kelly


Can you please send me additional details for the Tableau interface. Regards Steve

Re: Tableau

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Steve, Glad to hear you're interested in learning more -- please contact your account representative for more details or reach out to our team at [email protected] Thanks much! Kelly

Grouping sheets

Can we group sheets with similar idea ( based on the same templets) as in excel for example for cleare organized work portfolio?

Re: Grouping sheets

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Raed, Yes, you can organize sheets in folders or workspaces, based on the taxonomy that makes sense to you. Best, Kelly

Integration with Google Slide?

Hi ! Great idea for the Office Timeline and Tableau, but I was wondering if you had plan to do the same integration with Google? You already had a great integration for your sheets to Google Sheet and Google Drive, any plan of adding Google Slide into the mix? Thanks !

RE: Integration with Google Slide?

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Christian, we don't have an integration with Google Slide currently planned, but I've shared your feedback with the Platform team to take into account for the future. Thank you, Emily

RE: Integration with Google Slide?

Alex Vorobiev's picture
Christian - to add, the best way to deliver this integration with Google Slides is via Google add-ons Add-ons, unfortunately, are not yet available for Slides - only for Docs, Sheets and Forms. We are looking forward to having Google releasing add-on support for Slides.


Can you send me information on how to integrate with Tableau? Thank you!

RE: Tableau

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Sue, to get more information on the Tableau integration, contact your Smartsheet account manager. The integration with Tableau is currently in private beta and will be available soon to enterprise plan customers. Best, Emily



SmartSheet Forms

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to design and create forms from Smartsheet field. For example, if we generate check requests that need signoff and must be printed in a PDF, can we use SS fields and create a template? Thanks, -Sean

RE: Smartsheet Forms

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Sean, thanks for your comment! Please email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help. Best, Emily


Hi. Do you have any plans to integrate smartsheet with Qliksense/view similar to your integration with Tableau?

RE: qliksense

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Ritchie -- Yes, we're currently in the process of certifying our upcoming Smartsheet ODBC driver for use with Qlik Sense and QlikView. We expect to announce official support for those apps in the very near future. Stay tuned! Best, Emily

Mac support for Live Data Connector?

When will a Live Data Connector be available for Tableau Desktop for Mac? Thanks, Shane

RE: Mac support for Live Data Connector?

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Shane -- At this time, Tableau does not support ODBC Data Connections on the Mac. This Tableau limitation prevents the Smartsheet Live Data Connector from working on the Mac today. In the meantime, this article contains some more information on this issue and some suggested workarounds. Best, Emily

Tableau Online Training

This is the good site with lot of content on Tableau....

summing or averaging symbols

I have used a webform to create a survey, and have used the six state heart symbols as ratings in the survey. Is there a way to create an average of the results of the survey?

summing or averaging symbols

Diana Ramos's picture
Hi Meghan, Great question. One way to accomplish this is by creating a column that converts the six-state heart symbols to 0/1/2/3/4/5. IE, =IF([Cell] = Empty, 0, IF([Cell] = One, 1... etc. Here is a post on the Smartsheet Community that further explains how to do this: Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

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