Product Update - Gantt chart view


Product Update - Gantt chart view

In our most recent product release, we added a Gantt chart view to Smartsheet.  You can now switch easily between a grid view, calendar view and Gantt view of key tasks and their start/end dates.  A large number of our customers found Smartsheet as they searched for a better project management tool.  While encouraging us to avoid the complexity of project management software like Microsoft Project, many did ask us to add a Gantt chart that they could use in the project kickoff meeting with a client or at status meetings with the project team.  You can display a task's % complete status, select a column like Assigned To as a label, and print out your Gantt view or email it as a PDF attachment.  We're excited about Smartsheet's new project management capabilities - now Smartsheet is easy to set up, easy to share and looks even better when you show it to others!

What's next?  We're working on one feature that project managers and non-project managers alike have been asking for:  the ability to filter on columns in a sheet.  We're working on many improvements to Smartsheet, so stay tuned for future product updates.



Gantt chart

Gantt Chart view definitely helps to schedule, manage and keep track of projects efficiently and effectively.

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