New: How to Use Smartsheet for Salesforce to Dramatically Improve Collaboration with Your Sales Team


New: How to Use Smartsheet for Salesforce to Dramatically Improve Collaboration with Your Sales Team

Just in time for Dreamforce 2016, we're unveiling our Smartsheet for Salesforce integration to all! Many users are already implementing it during the extended beta, and the finalized version will be available to all Smartsheet Team and Enterprise customers as a premium capability for additional fees as of October 14th.

Salesforce: the World’s CRM

Each department at your company has their preferred tools, and for big sales teams that’s undoubtedly Salesforce. According to a recent IDC report, the ubiquitous CRM doesn’t just power world-class sales teams in Fortune 500 companies, but in fact generates entire economies, enabling the creation of some 1.9 million jobs over the next five years. The data Salesforce records and the automation it provides are robust - these keep salespeople’s eyes on forecasts, keep those opportunities coming, and help companies meet goal after goal.

Breaking the Big Data Silo

The challenge is that Salesforce data isn’t as easy to access or use outside of Salesforce. Sales can close deals and managers will update their actuals, but neither the engineers who handle the new installations nor the marketing manager who’s tracking the success of their campaigns will know any of these changes have occurred. In order for them to know, someone would have to export the Salesforce data to a .CSV file, and manage it in a spreadsheet or import into other tools, which often don’t have parallel fields for every entry. That means tons of out-of-sync data, tons of room for human error, and tons of wasted time - especially for salespeople who often have to roll these data entry tasks into their precious few selling hours.

Sync Customer and Opportunity Data with Other Teams

With Smartsheet for Salesforce, data silos aren’t a problem. Project managers, executives, and planners of all kinds can sync their various Smartsheet reports and sheets with Salesforce data. You can pick and choose which parts of Salesforce data you share and how it’s arranged in Smartsheet, so you’re not stuck with mismatched or empty fields.

The most important part? If the Smartsheet user makes a change, that change is reflected in Salesforce, and vice versa. There’s no reason to manually export and import ever again, so salespeople can get on with selling, and decision makers don’t need to dig through data or hassle the sales team to update anything.

Some great ways to get started:

Sales Pipeline Review

Front-line sales managers across the globe frequently use spreadsheets to review account and opportunity details in their team meetings. They go through their pipelines line by line, make notes, and recommend changes. Prior to each team meeting, every sales team member must spend a few minutes to ensure that their account information is up to date, and the manager needs to take the time to run the necessary reports and manually export them.  Once the meeting is complete, each team member must go back to their desk and update all of the opportunities that they discussed in the meeting.  Across the team, this administrative work is costing a lot of selling time.

With Smartsheet for Salesforce, you can automatically have your team’s opportunities populate a sheet in real-time and then roll those up into a cross-team report. As the team walks through the pipeline together, updates can be made directly in the sheet and that data will automatically update the appropriate records in Salesforce. This can dramatically streamline your pipeline review process and get your team back to selling faster. If this can save each team member 5 minutes, this will save a team of 10 people almost an hour each week.

Automated Project Handoff and Follow-Up

What frustrates a project team who needs to kick off their service process when a customer has been signed? Not getting quick enough notice and having to chase down account executives (AE’s) to find out critical details like customer contact information, expected start date, and project details. What frustrates an AE who’s handed off a new customer to a project team? Not knowing the project status or interactions with their client.

Both of these problems are solved with Smartsheet for Salesforce. If an opportunity is closed in Salesforce as a preset Professional Services package, a new project sheet can be automatically generated in Smartsheet with the new customer details auto-populated. This also sends notifications to the project team that it’s time to start. Any changes they make on this sheet will notify the AE who closed the opportunity, so they can track progress and easily report to their client. Professional Services, Accounts, and the client are all set for success.

Commissions Calculations and Approvals



In this case, the integration speeds up, simplifies, and brings transparency to the commission approval process. A sales manager can use Smartsheet for Salesforce to export data into a Monthly Booking Sheet in Smartsheet and then share the sheet to everyone who needs it.

The finance manager gets an auto notification when changes are made to the sheet. Sales and Finance reconcile any differences in reporting to calculate commission, and then send an update request to the sales teams’ individual managers asking for approval. All the while, each sales rep can see in real-time what deals they are being compensated for, what the commission rate is, and where they are in the approval process, bringing unprecedented transparency to the commission process.

All of this would typically have been managed using a lot of static spreadsheets and emails over the course of days, and instead was one sheet and a few notifications over a half-hour.

Increase Productivity and Visibility Today

If you’re excited for Dreamforce 2016, you know how powerful Salesforce can be for your sales team. With Smartsheet for Salesforce, it can be powerful for your entire organization. You can learn more about the integration and find out how to get started with it now!

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CSM "dashboard" using SFDC sync?

I wonder if this new tool is chargeable or included in existing subscription fees. Also can this work against derivitive SFDC products like Gainsight

CSM "dashboard" using SFDC sync?

Diana Ramos's picture
Hi Jeff, Thanks for reaching out! This integration is a premium capability for additional fees available to customers with Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. It doesn't currently work against derivative SFDC products, so I've forwarded your request to our product team. Let us know if you have any further questions. -Diana



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