If Smartsheet Were A Man...


If Smartsheet Were A Man...

One liners are the essence of comedic efficiency and are the hallmark of such comedy legends as Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin, and Groucho Marx. Very few things are as satisfying as a finely crafted joke packed into one sentence. Here at Smartsheet, our current favorite one-liner came from the team at Precise Biometrics

Several months ago we asked our customers how they were using Smartsheet across their company (in exchange for some delicious Cypress Grove cheese). Meredith Esham, Director of Marketing and Communications replied with a host of examples. She also passed along a comment from one of her co-workers, who believes Smartsheet would be the perfect man: 

“If Smartsheet were a man, he would be organized, follow up on tasks, always be on time, and know what I need before I know I need it... I’d marry him!”

We hear ya, Meredith!

But jokes aren’t the only thing that Precise Biometrics are efficient with. Their case study, published last week, details how this international team stays on top of it all with the help of their virtual office, Smartsheet.

And with the recent release of the Smartsheet native iOS app, we were particularly impressed with the way that Precise Biometrics uses Smartsheet on the go.

Precise Biometrics’ marketing team was recently invited to a conference to promote their latest product. At the last minute, they needed to find a way to collect attendee information during the event. The quick-thinking team created a web form in Smartsheet. <For more ideas on how to set up a sheet with web forms, check out this template.>

With QR codes on their brochures, interested parties scanned the code with their smartphones and were taken to the Smartsheet web form designed to capture critical lead information.  Easy for conference attendees to fill out and even easier for the Precise Biometrics team to stay on top of and take action on afterwards.

Pretty slick, huh?

It’s not hard to see why we were impressed with the team at Precise Biometrics -- or why they charmed some Cypress Grove cheese out of us. (On Left: They were even kind enough to send us some pictures of their Smartsheet/Cypress Grove celebration.)

And about marrying Smartsheet...that’s worthy of its own post someday!




Getting data into Smartsheet on the go

Hi Guys If there's a better place to add comments like this please let me know. On the move it'd be great if there was a way to get data into the sheets quickly. The IOS app is good but adding lines/data isn't as quick as a dedicated task app like Astrid or Getitdoneapp, they're literally 'type, return, type, return'. I wondered, could I feed a sheet data from something like Google Tasks as a quick fix? Cheers Steve Nowhere to put an email address so I'll keep an eye here for a reply :)

Re: Getting data into Smartsheet on the go

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Steve, Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately at this time, the quick fix idea you've proposed won't work on our native app. We've heard similar feedback from others for this kind of functionality and our development team is working on a "quick add" feature to include in a future update of our iOS app to address this very concern. You're always welcome to post suggestions in our blog or through our Help center: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/emails/new - Kelly

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