Keep Track of Your Conversations With Smartsheet and Skype for Business


Keep Track of Your Conversations With Smartsheet and Skype for Business

We're excited to share that Smartsheet’s integration with Microsoft Skype for Business Online is now live, along with a few feature updates.

Smartsheet is the only collaborative work management platform to integrate with Skype for Business, giving Office 365 and Smartsheet customers value and convenience that's greater than the sum of the parts.

Organizations using Office 365 and Smartsheet can communicate on projects and processes, so teams can keep all the info related to a project in one place for easy access and follow-up.

Keep Track of Your Conversations

With the Skype for Business integration, Smartsheet users will be able to:

See their team members’ Skype availability from within the Smartsheet app:

Initiate a secure instant message (IM) conversation:

And have that conversation automatically saved to the comments column of sheets, so they can be viewed by anyone with access to the sheet at any time:

The Skype for Business collaborator doesn’t need to be in Smartsheet to see your chats from within Smartsheet. They can use any Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync client, including mobile, to respond.

Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, says, “This integration with Skype for Business is yet another example of how Smartsheet is integrating with Microsoft technologies to create an enhanced productivity experience that is familiar, seamless and helps teams and individuals work better.”

How to Get Started With Skype for Business With Smartsheet

In order to use Smartsheet’s integration with Skype for Business, your Smartsheet and Office 365 administrators will need to enable this capability for your company. 

If you’re a Smartsheet system administrator, you can follow the steps in this article to enable Skype for Business for your organization.

After your administrators have enabled Skype for Business, learn how to sign in and start collaborating here.

Smartsheet’s integration with Skype for Business is available to users on Smartsheet Business plans. Interested in upgrading to access the Skype for Business integration?

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Note: Our integration with Skype for Business Online is not compatible with your personal Skype account or with on-premise versions of Skype for Business.

Other Improvements This Month 

A New “Current User” Option for Your Sheet Filters

With the new “Current User” filter, you can filter a project sheet to see only what’s been assigned to you. You don’t have to define your own filters to see only the work that you need to accomplish. If you’re the sheet owner or admin you no longer have to create multiple filters for each person in order for them to see what’s been assigned to them. Read the how to article here to learn more about filters. 

Office 365 Sign in on Smartsheet Mobile

If your organization has set up Azure authentication, you can now use your Office 365 work credentials to sign in to Smartsheet on your mobile device. Download Smartsheet from the App Store or Google Play and access your work more securely in Smartsheet with your company-managed credentials.  

To learn more about these improvements and everything in the release, read the Release Notes.



I am so very excited about this new feature. So many other online systems integrate some form of chat, but since so many businesses use MS for their office software and IT infrastructure, integrating a chat program into a business environment can be a sticky endeavour. I can see soo many benefits to having Skype for Business integrated into our sheets, and since it's MS based that means it's that much more likely to be adopted by corporate. Keep up the good work SS team! This is a big accomplishment and I'm VERY happy to hear about it.

Hi Brad, Thanks for reaching out, and glad to hear you're excited about the new Skype for Business integration! We do strive to provide updates to our product that will help our customers work better than ever. We'd also love to hear what you think once you've tried out the integration. Let us know. Thanks! Diana

I desperately wish that Smartsheet would integrate with desktop version of Outlook so that i could attach files and attachments that arrive via email right to a row in smartsheet!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Leon, Thanks for reaching out. We do have an integration with Outlook that works for both the web and desktop client versions of Outlook. The one condition is that you must be using O365 (not an on-prem Exchange server). You can find the app at the Office Store or on our site here: Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks! Diana

There is one very important feature missing from this new filter option. I do not need to save filter criteria but I do filter regularly so I preferred the old filter system. Can the old simple filter be accessed? If not can you make it so that once the filter criteria have been filled in pressing 'enter' or 'carriage return' will activate the filter - at the moment I have to go back to the mouse to click Apply which I find a nusiance

Hi Phil, Thanks for providing your feedback. The updates made to our filter feature were made to address usability requests that came up in widespread user testing. We understand that the change may not have fit every use case and will require some adjustment from users. Although you cannot access the old filter functionality, you may find that the new saved filters could make life easier. Since you filter often, are there common filters you use? It may be helpful to create these as saved filters, so you can easily toggle through them as needed. As for your feedback regarding the ability to press 'enter' to activate the filter, I have submitted your request to our Product team for their consideration. We are constantly working to make our features better and will take your feedback into account for future updates. Let me know if you have any further questions or feedback. Thanks, Diana

Hi Andy, Thanks for checking in on this. We are constantly shipping new product features to make Smartsheet more valuable, and "filter in reports" is one of the features that we've discussed adding but don't currently have an ETA on. However, we would love to better understand your use case. Can you tell us more about how you would like to use filters in reports? Thanks, Diana

Are you exploring integrating with Google Hangouts similarly to this recent announcement with Skype? It would be great to have those same features of chat and tracking those conversations linked directly to the SmartSheet.

Hi Dustin, Good news - we do have an integration with Google Hangouts. It's not the exact same experience as the Skype for Business integration, but it does let you collaborate in real time in the context of your work. You can learn more about our Google Hangouts integration here: Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

Hello, I have Office 365, SMartsheet and Skype for Business. I have never used the Skype for Business and need more help with creating fillable forms for smartsheet. Who do I contact to get instuctions on how to use these items and whether they are linked on my computer?Melinda

Hi Melinda, Thanks for reaching out to us - our team would love to help you get the most out of Smartsheet and our integrations with O365 and Skype for Business. To talk with someone about how to use these items, please contact our Support Team at Thanks, Diana

Great job on the Skype for Business integration. I activated it for our Business account and began to show a bunch of internal collaborators how to activate it and then discovered that the option to sign in to SfB is not available to them, presumably because they are not licensed users on our account. Bummer...they don't need to have paid accounts because they have no need to create sheets, but they do need to make comments on row data, so it would've been awesome for them to use SfB integration for that. Oh's really cool, otherwise.

Hello Matt, I'm glad you are pleased with our Skype integration. Unlicensed collaborators can use the integration if they are associated with a Business plan. Your Smartsheet system administrator will need to associate the users by following the steps in this help article - Cheers, Dan

If your organization has set up Azure authentication, you can now use your Office 365 work credentials to sign in to Smartsheet on your mobile device. Download Smartsheet from the App Store or Google Play and access your work more securely in Smartsheet with your company-managed credentials.

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