A Look Inside the Training Team at Smartsheet


A Look Inside the Training Team at Smartsheet

The training team at Smartsheet is an embodiment of the company’s purpose: to empower everyone to improve how they work. Within the last two years the team evolved from five individuals, spread across two departments, to one team of 15 product trainers and content developers aligned under our VP of Services and Customer Success. The training team works hard to meet the needs of employees, customers, and partners as the product offering continues to expand.

A Day In The Life

Depending on the team member’s role, they may spend three hours leading a virtual class in the morning with one customer, then two hours recording a training video for the Center of Excellence, followed by another four hours delivering a virtual training. Or, they could be jumping onto a plane to spend two days onsite with a customer, empowering them to be a Smartsheet “mobilizer” in their organization.

There is also no shortage of training manuals and videos that need to be produced to keep up with the evolution of the product. Needless to say, no two days on the training team at Smartsheet are alike!

A Passion for Empowering Smartsheet Users

The success of the training team depends on their ability to work together to maintain deep product knowledge as well as their drive to constantly look for  how to improve their trainings and resources. 

Cicero, senior manager of training at Smartsheet, explains: “It takes skill, experience, and passion to be a great trainer. We teach. We empower. And we do this because we believe we will change people’s lives every day by helping them use Smartsheet. We are successful because we never think any training we deliver was perfect or good enough. We are constantly asking how we can make it better.”

The team also looks for the “ah ha” moments: those points where the learner sees the power of Smartsheet and the possibilities in front of them. For one customer, that might be automating processes that they spend hours on each week. For another, it could be the ability to bring together all of their projects into a single dashboard to provide instant visibility to their boss.

Given the diversity of customers that the training team serves, it should be no surprise that the team is made up of people of different backgrounds, genders, races, ages, and lifestyles.

“The more diverse we are, the more audiences we can relate to, and the more lives we can change,” says Cicero. “We celebrate those differences by bringing in food, stories, or hobbies that make us who we are and sharing those with the team. Each person is a facet of the diamond that is the training team, and each brings a new way to shine.”

As the team continues to grow, they hope to add new and different courses to the line-up, and to provide new learning experiences for all of the companies and individuals they aim to empower.

Smartsheet Certification for Customers and Employees

Did you know that, on average, user sheet count increases by 30% in the 30 days following certification? This is because once a user is certified they’re better able to use Smartsheet to make an impact in their organization. That’s why our teams encourage customers to participate in training and to become a Smartsheet certified user.

Additionally, the training team encourages Smartsheet employees to get certified by attending the monthly Internal Product Training course, or by using the Center of Excellence themselves.

Check ‘Em Out: Available Smartsheet Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classes for Customers

  • Academy Classes: Beginner to advanced classes for individuals looking to become the subject matter expert in their organizations.

  • Solution Launch Packages: A mix of virtual and onsite training to get customers up-to-speed on their Solution Packages.

  • Training Only Packages: Virtual or onsite training for customers looking to expand adoption of Smartsheet within their organization.

  • Training for Consulting Packages: Product training to expand the understanding and use of the solutions created by the Smartsheet consulting team.

  • Classroom Training at ENGAGE: Paid training before our customer conference to increase the value of those attending ENGAGE.

Instructor-Led Classes for Internal Employees

  • Internal Product Training: A 12-hour Smartsheet deep dive held once a month in Bellevue, Boston, and remotely for UK team members.

  • Sharpen the Saw Classes: A 60-minute class to help employees dive deeper into specific aspects of the product.

Self-Paced Learning

  • Center of Excellence (CoE): The training team offers Center of Excellence, a learning management system that can be purchased as a stand-alone or with premium support packages. Customers can learn how to use Smartsheet at their own pace, and participate in deeper dives into topics to broaden their understanding and application of Smartsheet. Center of Excellence differs from the Smartsheet Learning Center by offering guided activities to help customers better understand product capabilities.