Jott Reduces DWI (Driving While iPhoning)


Jott Reduces DWI (Driving While iPhoning)

What’s worse? Hearing the PC shut down just as you remember those two items you had to add to the project list or feeling your heart race as you come close to trading paint with the BMW in the neighboring lane because you want to see if you correctly entered the task into your iPhone? OK, the latter is far worse…but both cause my blood pressure to uptick.

Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction of knowing that you and your team are on the same page and that nothing has fallen through the cracks, the pain of being out of synch is more acute and, sometimes, leads to impaired judgment – like typing while driving.

A colleague told me about Jott a few months ago. The premise is easy to grasp. You call a number, leave yourself a voice message, and receive the transcribed message in your inbox. Sounded pretty cool and it worked as described. After using it a few times however, I found my workflow to be a bit tedious. I’d receive the transcribed e-mail, open a list in Smartsheet, copy/paste the text from e-mail into Smartsheet, then review my Jott homepage to make sure I hadn’t missed any other messages. I’m not a fan of two-steps and this unfortunately fell into that camp.

Then I learned about Jott Links. After a short development effort (thanks Todd) to integrate Smartsheet and Jott using Jott Links, I can now ‘Jott’ directly into any of my Smartsheet accounts. Rather than muck around with copying and pasting text strings, I just drag and drop messages from my Jott Messages smartsheet to any other sheet. One-step process. I like it. The Smartsheet task field is populated with the transcribed message and the URL to the voice message is entered into the comments field.

I am pleased to announce that the Jott/Smartsheet integration is now available to all who have created free or subscription accounts with both services.

Jott has some fantastic developments on the horizon and we look forward to continuing the partnership so that we can all be more productive – and further reduce the risk of driving someone off the road during the commute home.



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