Get Specific with Smarter Notifications


Get Specific with Smarter Notifications

We’ve made our notifications smarter to help you work even better. Now you can be automatically alerted about specific changes made to a sheet by adding conditions to your notifications, so you can hone in on what you need to know to get your work done. 

First, rest assured that any notifications you’ve already set up will continue to work.  And even with our improved notifications, you can continue to create familiar, simple rules to alert you when anything on a sheet changes, when sharing settings change, or when something in a given column changes. 

Since the ability to set more specific notifications greatly expands your options, we added a new menu to help you set them up.  The options let you select anything from general changes to things like sharing, to more specific changes to rows, columns or even cells.   

You can also opt to receive notifications about changes you make to a sheet. Right now, you won’t receive notifications to changes you make, but you can turn this on by going to your Personal Settings, then to Settings and Communication Preferences, or in the footer of every notification email. We recommend you turn this on if you want to test notifications for yourself right away.  

Here’s a brief look at how you can start using the new notifications today:

When a Row is Added, Updated, or Deleted

Say you’re managing a list of tasks and you’re interested in knowing immediately when a row is added or updated, but only for items considered high-priority. Through the New Notification dialog (found in the Alerts tab at the bottom of your sheet), you can tell Smartsheet to notify you right away wherever updates are made to a row where priority is “High” or “Very High”. 

This is just one example. You could add notifications for rows where a particular box is checked, where a number is above a certain threshold, or even when a row that’s assigned to you or someone else changes. Need to get even more specific?  You can add multiple conditions to a notification.

When There Are Changes in Specific Columns

Sometimes you may not need to know about changes to entire rows, but you want to know about changes to columns or specific cells.  You can set up notifications that are triggered when changes in specific columns meet your conditions. 

Here’s an example. Say you are working in a marketing budget tracking sheet and you want to be automatically notified if anyone on your team spends more than $2000 on an event. 

Rather than being notified of any change in spending, you can set up a notification so that when any event exceeds $2000 in the Actuals column, you’re alerted. Unless the program type is an event and the actuals value is over $2000, you won’t be bothered with a notification. 

And you can still create automatic notifications to let you know when any changes are made to a column, including changes to attachments or comments.

When you set up your notifications, you will now have the option to name your notification rules when you set them up. A couple examples of this are, “Notify my team about changes to assigned tasks” or “Notify me when priority changes to high.”

You’ll also be able to customize the notification emails you and your team receive. You can customize the subject line, provide text to be included in the body of the email, and select columns to be included in the email (like when you send a row or an update request). 

Want to learn more about how our new notifications can work for you? Register here for our free live webinar on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 10 a.m. PDT (Seattle/US). You’ll learn how to set up notifications with conditions to automatically receive more specific, actionable alerts in your inbox.

Ready to start making your notifications smarter? Set them up on your sheets today by clicking on the Alerts tab at the bottom of any sheet, or visit our support center to read the help article to help you get going.

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Next step: customizing what a notification says when it is sent out. i.e. "If you have any questions related to this change, please contact (so and so)."

Hi LB, You can customize the email notification that goes out for a specific notification by making changes to the subject line, body of the email, and/or which columns are included with the notification email. You can learn more here: Thanks, Katy

Having had the privilege of playing with the new notifications capability as a test group member months ago, I've been chomping at the bit for this to be released. The granularity this enables will make notifications a key feature rather than an also-ran. Thanks so much for bringing this to the world.

Hi Craig, Right now, you can't choose the time of day that a notification is sent. With the exception of changes that you want to be notified of right away (which are sent right away), notification email messages are sent between 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM according to the sheet Owner’s time zone. You can learn more about notifications here: Thanks, Katy

Please add conditions to reminders!!!!!!! Simple, IF "Assigned is" would mean customized weekly or daily agendas!!!!!!

Hi I lead a small team of 30 - 35 on numerous smartsheets where 8-10 people are shared at any one time. In your new notifcation set up have you allowed for your clients to set the time of their daily notification emails ? My team recieve them between 01.00 and -03.00 ( not suitable ) as we are situated in Ireland. I hope this is included in you new and improved notifications as this is a major stumbling block in reviewing Smartsheet and therefore it's continued growth !!

Hi Brian! Right now, there's no way for you to control the time of day that a notification is sent. With the exception of changes that you want to be notified of right away (which are sent right away), notification email messages are sent between 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM according to the sheet Owner’s time zone, as specified in their personal settings. You can learn more about notifications here: Thanks, Katy

I am very new to Smartsheets, but been dealing with projects for over 20 years. This feature is much needed. When I first read the article, I smiled because I already had a specific customer account in mind.

When printing or exporting a sheet it would be much better to have an option for the notes that apply to the row print/export below the actual row instead of having them on subsequent pages. In addition the note does not incorporate the column/name associated with the row when printing/exporting. Yet when you click on notes at the bottom of a sheet the name does show next to each note. example below is a row with columns where yyyy is the column/name associated with the row. yyyy does not show next to the note when exporting/printing. And as mentioned above would make a lot more sense to have option to have the notes below the associated row not on subsequent pages. This should be fairly easy code change. xxx xxxx xxxx yyyy xxxx xxxx xxx xx xx

Hi Dolores! Yes, you can schedule a report to be automatically sent to people by email. You can learn more about sending and sharing reports here:

This is a great improvement and potentially very useful. Another enhancement that could also be beneficial might be to make conditional notification based upon correlated data. In my specific issue I would like to have an automatic e-mail triggered to a person based upon zip code data. When a customer completes a form and enters their zip code I need SmartSheet to send a notification to a specific recipient that matches the zip code. I have around 4000+ zip codes that match 104 sales people. When a Customer enters Zip code 29607 into the form I need it to send a notification to the sales person who manages that area.

This has been our single biggest issue with smartsheet! Bravo to your team for listening to the requests in the community forums and making updates to improve our user experience!

This is great, but you need to take this one step further. We need escalation like SharePoint. In other words, once the email is sent / received, there needs to be a time sensitive response requirement option built into the tool that require a response in that particular sheet until the cell has been closed, or a specific result has been reached. The result could be a signed change order attached to the cell or row, an email sent, a comment made etc until the item is closed or the sheet / row / column / cell has escalated the matter to the next person in the line of authority / decision making. This could be used in everything from projects to accounting. Kevin

I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so I think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.

I like the look of these new notification options. It would be great if there was a way to set "default" notifications at the workspace or account level for all new sheets. And, be able to get notifications of sheets being added/deleted.

I would like to have more control over custom notifications that are sent to "assigned to" task owners. Daily (or set time) Notification/Reminders for tasks that are past due (Finish Date is in the past and completion is less than 100%).

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