Resource Management Is Here!


Resource Management Is Here!

Today we’re thrilled to announce Resource Management is now part of the project management toolset in Smartsheet. Resource Management is one of our most popular enhancement requests and we’re excited to fill this need.

Managing time and availability is a vital piece of any project, and this feature provides that benefit. In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 97% of the organizations surveyed said resource management is a key component of successful projects (TVID: 369-A52-1DB).

Resource Management is a simple view of your team’s activity – so you can quickly see who’s busy and who isn’t. With real-time information about your team’s availability in one spot, you can easily make decisions on assignments and update responsibilities to maximize your team’s time. 

Watch Eric Browne, vice president of product management, give an intro to Resource Management:

Resource Management: Easy to Use and Powerful Under the Hood

Just like everything else in Smartsheet, Resource Management is easy to use, yet incredibly powerful under the hood. 

The resource view dashboard reflects team allocations by pulling together information from the project sheets your team is already using.  You can see who from your team is over-allocated and make decisions about how to manage everyone’s workload, all within Smartsheet.

Ready to Get Started?

With 2014 just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get familiar with Resource Management and help position your team and your projects for your most successful year yet. 

  • Tutorial Video - In this brief video, you’ll get an overview that’ll help you get started.
  • Getting Started Guide - Here are the four simple steps you need to know to roll Resource Management out to your team.


    Also New - Smartsheet in Russian

    We are excited to announce that Smartsheet is available in Russian.  This new language has been added due to popular demand from our customers.

    The Smartsheet community spans over 160 countries around the world.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and now Russian.

    What do you think of Resource Management? Let us know in the comments below.



    Packaging change

    Mark Mader's picture
    As one of our most requested enhancement requests, we were excited to introduce resource management capabilities in December. During the development stage, we worked closely with many customers who wanted to manage and track the resource availability of large teams. The feedback we received from these organizations was invaluable; in turn, they were thrilled with the new capabilities and the visibility and control it provides. We were also pleasantly surprised to hear from many other users who had interest in the capability but whose scenarios didn’t involve full users of the system. These teams were equally excited about the functionality, but the packaging prevented them from using it on a widespread basis (primarily because to be seen in a resource view, one needed to be a licensed user). Their concerns resonated with us and we have responded with a change to how the capability is packaged. Now, non-licensed users who exist in your account’s user list will also appear in resource views. Consistent with the initial packaging, licensed users who are designated as Resource Viewers are able to view, create, and modify resource management views. Thanks again to everyone for their interest and usage of resource management and we look forward to further enhancing the service. -Mark CEO, Smartsheet

    Youtube video gone

    FYI - your tutorial video link above is broken. Great new policy on resource management user lists, though!

    Re: Youtube video gone

    Kelly Anthony's picture
    Hi Lisa, Thanks for letting us know -- the tutorial video link ( works now! Best, Kelly

    Balencing Reasoures

    Being able to view resource allocation is a very nice feature. However, it works poorly for creating a project and balancing resources across a project. It is way to manual. Are there plans to add this feature in the near feature?

    Re: Balencing Reasources

    Kelly Anthony's picture
    Hi there, While it's not on the roadmap for the near future, I've shared your request with our product team to consider! Thanks, Kelly

    Resource Management

    Hi - I am a Quality Assurance Supervisor and am looking for a nice way to schedule resources across many projects. I support about 10 different IT areas that all have their own projects. I am looking for something that I can just basically enter a project name, start and end date, and a resource from my Team. Then have a calender view, chart options, etc for viewing across my Team. Do I have to create a project sheet for each project just to resource for them or it there a simple way to just enter the name of the many projects and then start and end dates? Also, we support production issues so I would want a way to track that as well for resources. Please steer me in the right direction for tutorial's, webinars, or videos. Thanks, Kevin

    RE: Resource Management

    Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
    Hi Kevin! We'd like to direct you to [email protected] to have a discussion on what's best. Resource Management is probably the best feature here. Start with this guide, tutorial, and template: That said, we have your back if you need support. Thank you!

    Sharing Resource Views

    Is there a way to share resource views across multiple users? In our organization there are multiple parties that may want to view a team's resource allocation.

    RE: Sharing Resource Views

    Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
    Hello Samantha. Yes, multiple users can share resource views. You will need to work with your Smartsheet system administrator to designate resource viewers, add users, and manage them. Here's a quick tutorial on resource views: Let us know if we can help further, or visit

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