New in Smartsheet: Work Better with Saved Filters, Enhanced Search, Published Sights, and More


New in Smartsheet: Work Better with Saved Filters, Enhanced Search, Published Sights, and More

At the end of the day, you just want to save time. It’s easier than ever for organizations to capture data and create processes using Smartsheet, but finding exactly what they need when they need it gets harder as data grows more vast. Whether you need to create multiple user-specific filters that reduce large shared sheets to just relevant information, or to search within your entire Smartsheet library for a single row, or to publish Sights which update in real time to non-users, this update has your company covered.


Discover how your teams can be more productive than ever before:

Create, Save, and Share Multiple Filters

Previously, if you wanted to make one massive sheet display only relevant information for multiple users with vastly different needs, you had to create a separate report for each of these users. With the new ability to save filters, you can create persistent filters on your sheets and templates that can be toggled on and off to limit which data is displayed. Now, each user can view just the rows relevant to their work. An admin can choose whether to make new filters personal or shared, and they work in Grid, Card, and Calendar views. With this feature, a single sheet can be instantly useful and specific to whomever its shared to without creating limited data reports for each of them.

For example, imagine that you’re a project manager on a large IT and development team with a “Requested Task” sheet that is filled in by various other teams, managing both urgent and back-burner requests. The sheet is arranged in chronological order by when the task is requested. As a manager or project owner, you need to assign each task a priority in a symbols column, either low, medium, or high. Now you have a longer sheet with a variety of different priority tasks that you need to dole out. So, create and name filters with conditions for the Priority column for each.

With all your filters created, you could then toggle between each of the conditions to only show tasks on your sheet with Low, Medium, or High priority. If an admin ticked the “Share Filter” box, you could also make sure these filters are available to whomever you share this sheet.

You can read our help article here to learn more about how to use filters.

Narrow Down the Data with Smarter Search

Speaking of filters, we have also introduced a number of additional modifiers to help strengthen your search capabilities across sheets and workspaces. You can narrow results by location (Folders and Workspaces), type (Sheets, Rows, Sights, and Reports), and ‘Last Modified’ date. Even better, you can stack modifiers to refine your search. The results display visually with quick previews so you can easily identify what you’re looking for. Plus, you can preview attachments across all your sheets, and make quick edits to any row.

For example, someone asks you to update a task that you own, but you can’t remember which of your dozens of sheets it was in, but you do know the name of the task. With the new and improved search capability, you can pull results from your entire library, and narrow them by ticking the “Rows” box under “Type”. Now you’ll only see rows that have your search query in their name. To update this task, you don’t even need to go into the sheet to make your update - just click the edit pencil icon and change it’s information in a pop up window right in the search box.

Publish Sights for All Stakeholders

Most executives and decision makers want the most current status and data on any given project right away, without digging for the details or asking someone else to get the information for them. With the new ability to publish Sights, you can provide this important information quickly and easily to your key stakeholders. Share your published Sight to a dedicated URL or embed it in an existing intranet site so your stakeholders can view it without actually logging in to Smartsheet. Published Sights stay up-to-date, and you can limit them to only members of the organization for greater security.

For example, you could share the published Sight to new hires during onboarding, before they’ve been set up with your company’s Smartsheet account. Or, say your ad agency needed to constantly send current media spend and creative project management reports for clients outside of the organization. With a published Sight, the client could see this up-to-date data without needing a login or needing to be educated on navigating Smartsheet.

Other Updates

Other updates include an enhanced Find and Replace function to work within collapsed sections of your sheets, and a new back button to make navigating through found items easier.

We also added a button in Card View so you can easily add a new lane, which also updates the corresponding drop down menu in Grid View. If you work mainly in the drag-and-drop interface, there’s no need to switch back and forth between views.

Working Better, Faster, and Smarter

These additions help to streamline workflows and automate processes both inside and outside of your organization. Each makes it possible to spend less time looking for relevant data, and more time using it for better planning, management and reporting.

You can learn more about all of these updates and more by reading our Release Notes.

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Hello, Great development with the filter! Only problem: in the Android app on my cell phone I can't apply it yet. That makes it difficult for our company, we still can't use it. Will this be implemented soon? Best regards, Andreas

Thanks Andreas! Good news is that our Mobile team is in final development to support multiple saved filters on iOS and Android. We don't have a specific date for release, but it's coming soon. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

Hi Edward, Thanks for reaching out, and glad to hear you like the new saved filters feature. At this time, it is not possible to automatically include the details of the applied filter on a printout or to save print layouts. You can, however, add a note to the page header, when printing, and could include the filter details there. We appreciate you sending your feedback, and have forwarded your request to our Product team. Thanks, Diana

Hi Dan, You should be able to print filtered results at this time. The above question was about printing the filter details (e.g. which filter is applied). Hope this helps. Thanks, Diana

Hi Elaine, Glad you're loving the new filter feature! Saved Filters does work on Published Sheets. If you're not currently seeing it then you may need to toggle on the 'Filter Menu'. To do this, click the dropdown arrow located on the right-hand side of a column header, then select 'Show Filter Menu'. The Filter Menu should appear at the top of the published sheet, and you should be able to see any filters that you have created or that have been shared with you. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

This is great, but what I really need is filters on reports. Any idea when that will be available?

Hi Tim, Glad to hear you like the new saved filters feature. Filters in reports are being considered by our Product team, but it's not on our immediate roadmap. We are, however, gathering feedback for this request, so I will add your vote to the list. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

Hi There - think it is awesome that you have released a feature to publish Sights. I went to test that and didn't see the functionality. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi Heather, Thanks for reaching out. The Publish tab should be located at the bottom of the Sight. One reason you may not be seeing it is if you are part of a Team or Enterprise account and the SysAdmin has disabled publishing from the Global Account Settings. I would suggest checking with your SysAdmin to verify that publishing is enabled. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

Great idea on the saving of filters. Caught me off guard when the screen looked different, which I discovered just minutes before receiving the email... :)

Hi, Saved Filters are going to be really useful! I hope you'll consider expanding in the future to save other elements of the view like hidden columns and whether parent items are expanded

Hi Josh, Glad the saved filters are going to be useful! And, thanks for sending your enhancement request. I've submitted it to our Product Team for future consideration. Thanks, Diana

Hello The new filters are good, however I need my team to only see the filtered data when they login. I have tried creating a shared filter, but it only filters my sheet and not everyone elses. Can you please tell me how to solve this? thank you!

Hi Elyse, Thanks for reaching out. When you create a shared filter you are simply allowing others access to the filtered view. This does not mean that they will only see the filtered information when they log in. One way to limit their view to specific 'filtered' information is to create a report. Here is a quick article on creating reports in Smartsheet: Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Diana

We like the ability to save filters, but everyone in our company is not happy that they cannot choose filters from a list of available options anymore. They are complaining that it is adding extra steps to their ability to filter quickly

Hi Jacob, Thanks for providing your feedback. We appreciate hearing how feature enhancements impact your work, so that we can take it into consideration for future updates. And, we understand that the initial set up of saved filters may add an extra step. But, our hope is that having saved filters will increase your productivity and save time in the long run. I've forwarded your feedback to our Product team. Thanks, Diana

Smartsheet just keeps getting filters are a massive time saver....just a suggestion though ? when saving lots of filters the list can become unwieldy to look at.. have you thought ?... repeat/duplicate the FILTER DROPDOWN MENU 3 or 4 TIMES ? along the bar underneath the sheet tab when you select the 'show filter menu'...meaning you can effectively group different types of filter without having to look down a long list ? makesense

Hi Josh, Thanks for reaching out. At this time there is no ability to create saved filters for a workspace - though, that is a great idea. As for copying filters from sheet to sheet, if you have saved filters on one sheet and copy that sheet by selecting "Save as New..." from the sheet menu, then the saved filters will transfer to the new sheet. Hope this helps in the meantime - I've forwarded your request for saved filters by workspace to our Product team. Thanks, Diana

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