New: Visualizing Customer Case Studies


New: Visualizing Customer Case Studies

2015 is the year of work visualization, combining people, work, and content in a visual framework to uncover valuable insights about the patterns of collaboration. 

At Smartsheet, we’ve been working to give our users more ways to picture their work, with new features like enhanced symbols, and integrations with Tableau and Office Timeline to turn data into simplified, beautiful visuals. The analyst firm GigaOM also recently published a report exploring the future of work visualization, and we released our own piece on its importance. 

We feel strongly about visualization and its power to offer a never-before-seen-view of who is doing what and with whom. 

And now, we’re taking “picture your work” even more literally. 

We’ve redesigned our customer case studies to tell their stories in pictures. Using our Account Map technology, we can visually depict the landscape of each company. You quickly understand the scope of the work -- how many people are involved, how they are connected to each other, and the scale of the project. 


Colliers-Wisconsin, a property management company, uses Smartsheet to reduce meetings by 33%.

This new way of visualizing case studies provides a quick, easy-to-digest view of each organization and the specific ways they’re using Smartsheet to grow their business and speed up time to market.  They visually depict the scope of their projects, hubs of activity, and the collaboration between teams - all painting a picture for you to replicate their success in your own organization.

Learn How to Coordinate Anything from Smartsheet Power Users 

The first three case studies we’ve published are Colliers-Wisconsin, a property management company, Quirky, a New York City-based invention company, and Populous, an event group that organizes major sporting events.


Learn how Quirky, an inventions company, used Smartsheet to speed up time to market.


From managing hundreds of properties to organizing the Super Bowl, these case studies highlight the many moving parts of a project and the one tool that makes it all happen. 

Here’s a preview of some of the ways Colliers, Quirky, and Populous use Smartsheet: 

  • Create customized alerts for easy data collection.
  • Attach photos and contracts from Dropbox for anytime access. 
  • Speed up product lifecycle by assigning clear accountability for activities.
  • Make event coordination on mobile easy by accessing and sending documents on a smartphone.

Visit our Customers page to see the full, redesigned case studies and for more Smartsheet tips from real customers. 


Populous uses Smartsheet to manage global events like the NCAA Final Four.


And, we love learning from you, our customers. Share your feedback about the new case studies in the comments. What do you think about the new visuals? What do you want to learn when you read a case study?



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