The HR Manager Inside


The HR Manager Inside

We’re all managers in some aspect of our lives – whether it’s coordinating a product launch, supervising an international team or planning the school auction – we all have important responsibilities to track. 

One of the common themes we hear from customers is that Smartsheet makes “managing anything easier.” This message comes through especially loud & clear when we talk with Smartsheet users in management, personnel, and human resources.  

Regardless if you're responsible for managing personnel around the world, running an executive search and recruiting firm, or scaling a fast-growing SMB – Smartsheet fits the bill. Here are just a few examples of how organizations are using the collaboration tool:

Plan recruitment and organize hiring steps Smartsheet provides HR professionals with the ability to collaborate with teams, automate workflows, and visually track progress either through interactive timelines or calendars. Our customers are using this same collaborative approach to stay organized when scheduling interviews, placing candidates and other recruitment activity.

Onboarding checklists By identifying all the tasks and responsibilities to onboard new hires, the process runs smoothly. Attach files such as tax or benefits enrollment forms to each row, assign deadlines, and ensure everything's completed on time. 

"Every step of our onboarding process is tracked in Smartsheet. Our team has a central location for every detail - from initial offer letter to payroll updates - and nothing is overlooked. We're kept accountable and on-track and are able to seamlessly welcome new members of our rapidly growing team."  - Tyler Mulkin, Zoe’s Kitchen

Archive and track employee paperwork When hiring and managing a staff of any size, there’s no end to the paperwork flooding in. Smartsheet becomes a centralized hub onboarding new employees and ensuring all new hire paperwork is completed on time and documented properly.  

"Managing our HR department is just one of the many hats I wear. Using Smartsheet to keep track of it all saves me time and gives me peace of mind."  - Arp Trivedi, Motion Federal Credit Union

Collect and organize resumes and applications Have resumes instantly flow into an organized sheet with Smartsheet’s web forms. With a form on your website, applicants submit their resumes, cover letters and application materials directly into Smartsheet rather than flooding an inbox.

Headcount Planning, Reorganizations  Planning large projects like company or departmental reorganizations is easier when all employee information is centralized in Smartsheet. Move an employee's personnel information from one department's sheet to another - quickly, and view a high level overview or drill down into smaller departmental details.

Tracking candidates

Check out other popular templates and explore how Smartsheet can help you track and manage personnel activities and HR processes.

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What is the difference between smart sheet and a spreadsheet

I don't mean to sound insulting or ignorant but what exactly is the difference between a smart sheet and a regular old spreadsheet? I don't quite get the need.

Re: What is the difference between smart sheet and a spreadsheet

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Hi there, Smartsheet has the same look and feel as a spreadsheet, but adds features for collaboration & tracking and managing work: file attachments, workflow automation, interactive Gantt charts, and other good stuff. For more details on the differences, check out this post on Sand Hill:, and our product tour:

In the cloud

Smartsheet is in the cloud, you can login anywhere, and have many users all accessing the data at the same time. Take the trial, have a play, its pretty powerful once you get to know it.

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