How to Craft a Great Speaking Submission for Smartsheet ENGAGE


How to Craft a Great Speaking Submission for Smartsheet ENGAGE

We’re so excited to kick off ENGAGE, our first ever customer conference, and we would love to see you there this September. ENGAGE will bring together a thousand passionate leaders, practitioners, and innovators for three days of inspiring educational sessions and hands-on learning opportunities. 

A large part of what makes a great conference is great content. Based on our conversations with many of you, we know that you have inspiring and groundbreaking (sometimes literally) stories about how you use Smartsheet. 

You’ve turned broken processes and systems upside down to improve the way your company works. You’ve changed the way you operate, so you can spend less time herding cats and more time building bridges. And now we invite you to share your stories with the rest of the collaborative work management community. 

ENGAGE will bring together Smartsheet experiences of all kinds to spark inspiration, build community, and share the value of collaborative work management. And we need your voices to do it!

As a thank you, selected speakers will receive a free full conference pass for ENGAGE. (But don’t wait to reserve your seat - space is filling up fast. If you’re selected to speak, we’ll refund you the cost of your conference pass.)

How to Create a Solid Speaking Proposal for ENGAGE

Interested in creating a winning speaking proposal for ENGAGE? Keep it simple with our KISS method for completing your application.

Know Your ‘So What?’

We love hearing about how Smartsheet works for your organization. When writing your proposal, keep in mind that as an ENGAGE speaker, your audience of peers will want to understand how your experiences and learnings can benefit them and their organizations. Think about the ways you’re using Smartsheet that they could apply to their businesses, and show them the value of what you have implemented. They’ll be eager to replicate your success. 

Include Specifics

You only have 150 words to tell us your Smartsheet story, but that doesn’t mean you should leave out the specifics. Include examples of how you use Smartsheet and the results - qualitative and quantitative - your organization has seen since you started using Smartsheet. Detailed take-aways are always popular in an audience of peers, so give us an idea of what specifics you’ll share if you’re selected to speak. For example: Did your team save time on project implementations? Were you able to replace costly or ineffective systems? What was the scope of the impact Smartsheet had on your organization? 

Show Your Work 

Do you have previous speaking experience? Share your presentations with us as part of your proposal. We invite you to add YouTube links to any of your previous presentations and attach any relevant presentation files. There’s no need to create a slide deck just to apply, but if you have something that’s applicable that you’ve already put together, let us know. 

Submit Soon

If you want to speak at Smartsheet ENGAGE, send in your submission soon. Applications close in two weeks on April 21st - so get your story to us ASAP. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

Ready to Apply?

Ready to step up and tell your Smartsheet success story at ENGAGE? Fill out your application here.

If you’re not ready to tell your story on stage this time around, you can also apply to meet with others in a private, boardroom setting to tell your story. Or indicate your interest in being featured in printed or digital marketing materials shared at ENGAGE. 

We’ll be accepting submissions until April 21st. Selected speakers will be announced on May 8th. 

Apply today!


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