Smartsheet Tips: Using Google and Smartsheet


Smartsheet Tips: Using Google and Smartsheet

You know how peanut butter is really good on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else (like jelly, a banana, chocolate, a graham cracker...)? Smartsheet is like that too – pretty darn great on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else. Like Google Apps and Google Drive.

Since many of you use Google in addition to Smartsheet, this week we’ve got all the integration details for you.

Getting Started with Google Apps and Smartsheet

If you’re using Google Apps, make sure you’ve downloaded our app from the G Suite Marketplace.

The Google Apps Admin for your domain just needs to click the ‘Add it Now’ button to install Smartsheet to your team’s domain – and voila! Integration features will be accessible to everyone in your team.  

Small note, the email address you use for your Smartsheet account needs to match your Google email address for the integration magic to work.

Integration Goodness – Here’s What You Get
  • Update a sheet from your inbox. Once you have Smartsheet installed in your Google Apps account, the emails you get from Smartsheet now have extra functionality. Now when someone sends you a row or when you get a notification email, you can open and edit the row from within the email!

When you click the ‘Edit Rows in Smartsheet’ button, at the bottom of the Smartsheet email, you’ll see the info from that row appear.  You can update information, just like you would in Smartsheet, all without leaving your inbox.

Make any changes you need to – add comment notes, attachments, the works.  It all updates the sheet directly, no extra work.

  • Sync dates from your sheets with your Google Calendar.  Switch to the Calendar View of any sheet and click the Google Calendar icon .  Turn on ‘Publish to a Google Calendar’ and you’re all set (here are step by step instructions in case you need a little more help publishing your sheet to your calendar).  

Super simple way to keep all of your important dates in one place.

  • Edit your sheet straight from Google Calendar.  When you publish a sheet to your Google Calendar, you can edit your sheet right in your calendar thanks to the Google integration.  

After you publish a sheet to your Google Calendar, green check marks will pop up on dates in your calendar that reflect tasks from that sheet.

To edit that task from your calendar, all you have to do is click the green check mark – you’ll be able to edit that row in your sheet in the same format that pops up when you make changes from a Gmail message.

Put the Pedal to the Metal in Google Drive

Google Drive users, we’ve got good news for you.  

You can create new sheets in Smartsheet straight from Drive.  First you need to install Smartsheet in your Chrome browser from the Chrome Store.  

Next, all you need to do is click the Create button in Drive and you’ll see Smartsheet added to the other creation options in Drive:

Now, you’ve got a new sheet in Smartsheet AND you can access this sheet directly from Drive.

Even More Great Google Integration Features:
  • Launch Smartsheet from the ‘More’ menu in Google Apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, or Google Sites)
  • Overlay your Google Calendar on top of a sheet
  • Import contacts from Gmail to Smartsheet
  • Single sign-on to Smartsheet with your Google creds
  • Upload attachments from Google Drive to any row

Thinking about switching over to more cloud apps, but haven’t ‘Gone Google’ yet?  Our friends at BetterCloud recently published some great advice for transitioning and keeping up your team’s momentum once you’ve made the move (by the way – totally worth it, the air up here is great).

Til next week, dig in and explore!

- Support Team


google apps

When I set up smartsheet I didn't use my google email, I used a different one. How do I change it now???33

Re: google apps

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Jennifer - You can change your email by opening up your Account settings (the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your Smartsheet account), then click 'Personal Settings'. The first field in the form that pops up will show you which email address is in use with your Smartsheet account and also give you the option to change your email address. You should be all set, but if you're still running into challenges, email us at and we'll help you trouble shoot! Thanks! - Kelly reply

Linking Smartsheet to gDrive that are created externally

The integration from gDrive to smartsheet works greate, but what about the other direction. If you create a smartsheet in smartsheet or it is shared with you, how can you create a link out of your gdrive to it. Is that possible? Cheers

Re: Linking Smartsheet to gDrive that are created externally

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Roman, Today, you can't save links to your sheets directly in your Google Drive account, though I've shared your feedback with our product team to consider -- we're always looking for different ways to enhance our integration with Google. While you can't add shortcuts to sheets to your Google Drive account, you can use the secure link for each sheet (see "Sending a Sheet's Secure Link" to add a bookmark to your browser or save a shortcut to your desktop. Thanks! Kelly

Any change in this situation?

Any change in this situation? We are heavy users of Google Drive and it would be great to have a link to an existing smart sheet.

RE: Any change in this situation?

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hi Roberta. For now the best way is still to use the secure link (see "Sending a Sheet's Secure Link" as a bookmark or pasted within a Google doc.

I Agree.

I Agree. This would be very helpful to add this capability. Thanks.

RE: I Agree.

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Adam, Thank you for your contribution, it has been noted. Regards, The Smartsheet Team

use of Smartsheet to manage a cemetery database

I have built a large spreadsheet of data for a cemetery, with names of buried and dates, names of site purchasers, deed numbers, location of graves within the cemetery etc. It is very cumbersome to search and query and bring up various reports such as comparing graves used to graves sites purchased. The cemetery has 8 different sections with different conventions for location names in each. I am watching your video and trying to recognize any possible utiliity for my project.

Applications and Statistics

Hi! I love using smartsheets! I would like to know if there is a feature that will help me keep track of my documents. I deal with a lot of application submissions daily. I'd like to have applicants use smartsheets to submit their applications and be able to refer to it for their application status. I'd like to know if it has features you can direct me in smartsheets for the following: 1) submission alerts for applications 2.) statistics of a.) turn-around time from application submission and when status of application changed. b.) how still pending, denied, approved. Your advise is much appreciated.

RE: Applications and Statistics

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
RHO- 1) You can set notifications to send an email when changes are made in your sheet. If you care about attachments, you can set a notification to look to the attachment column. If you care about new rows (such as a web form submission), you can set it based on all changes or a specific required field in the web form: 2) a) You can track submission date if you are submitting a new row (it sounds like you would be using a web form) using the Created (Date) column. As far as the date when the status changes - You can show TODAY() date if status changes but "today" will change. You could manually add a date or right click in the status cell and select View History to see the date when it was changed and use that to calculate the turn around time. b) Use COUNTIF(). If they are all in the status column: =COUNTIF(Status:Status, "Still Pending") - repeat for each status you want to count. You can add text to the formula result like this: =COUNTIF(Status:Status, "Still Pending") + " Still Pending" -- This will show: # Still Pending. If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit them at and we'll provide assistance!

Google Calendar

Is there a way to schedule appointment times from smartsheets to google calendar? I can only see how to schedule dates.

RE: Google Calendar

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hello Anna, Thank you for your question. At the moment, Smartsheet does not support setting start and end times, only full day durations. We will submit a vote for an hour-level control to the product team for consideration. Regards, The Smartsheet Team

adding time to smart sheet column

Would it be possible one day to have a column format to add time to meeting so they are not all day events? right now it is not possible to add time to the date format and this is crucial for good sync with google calendar or iCal. thanks.

RE: adding time to smart sheet column

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hello Lola, As you've noticed, Smartsheet does not currently support hour-level control. We will submit your request to the product team for consideration. Thank you! - The Smartsheet Team

Smartsheets update Gmail Tasks?

Hello, Wondering if any thought has been made to integrating assigned user SmartSheet tasks into Gmail Tasks queue?

RE: Smartsheets update Gmail Tasks?

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hi Jason, while it is not currently possible to do this natively, it is possible to do using Zapier. Zapier connects Smartsheet to Google tasks and can add new tasks to Google when a row is added/updated and assigned to a specific user. Here's an intro: - Thanks! The Smartsheet Team

Smartsheet link to GSheets

Hi, Is it possible to map fields from Smartsheets into a Google Sheet? Thx Steve

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