Smartsheet Tips: How to Manage Vacation Schedules with Resource Management


Smartsheet Tips: How to Manage Vacation Schedules with Resource Management

Using Smartsheet to manage human resource tasks and processes helps many companies stay organized and efficient.  From tracking candidates and organizing the interview process, to new employee onboarding and performance review planning – Smartsheet is a great way to manage it all.  So this week, for all of you out there using Smartsheet to keep your team activity on track, we’re sharing three simple steps to use Resource Management to help with staff scheduling.   

With a birds eye view of your team’s availability – on task assignments AND vacation time – you’ll avoid scheduling a team member when they’re unavailable.

A Little Bit About Resource Management

Resource management is a simple way to see who on your team is busy and who isn’t in a comprehensive dashboard view.  

In this example, you’ll see how to use resource management to add a new level of your team’s availability into your resource view: not only will you see their allocation across all projects, you’ll be able to account for holidays and vacations. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re just beginning to use resource management with your team (resource management is available on Team and Enterprise plans only):

  • Use Contact columns.  When you’re assigning members of your team to different tasks – or in this example, asking them to enter their time off in your sheet – make sure that the column you’re using for your team members is a “Contact List” column.
  • Project sheets work with resource management.  Resource management works with project sheets.  These sheets need to have both Dependencies and Resource Management enabled with the Assigned Resource and Allocation % columns defined on the Resource Management tab of the sheet.

Step 1: Create a Vacation Sheet for Your Team to Use to Add Their Planned Time Off

Step 2: Create an Allocation % Column (Called Booked % Here)

Enable Booked % as the Allocation % column in the Resource Management settings for your vacation sheet.  

Be sure to format this column as a % column by highlighting the entire column and clicking the % button in the formatting toolbar.

Step 3: Enable Resource Management on Your Other Project Sheets

With Resource Management enabled on all of the sheets your team is working on, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your team’s time in your dashboard.  

Now, you’ll rest easy knowing you haven’t assigned a team member to a task when they’re not available.


Learn more about resource management:

How are you using resource management? We’d love to know!

Til next week, dig in and explore!

- Support Team


Import Holidays

This is great! Is there a way to import holidays instead of manually entering each one? Either into a sheet like this, or into the Non-Working days?

Re: Import Holidays

Kelly Anthony's picture
Hi Victoria, Currently in Smartsheet you do have to manually enter each holiday. Thanks for your feedback, I've shared it with our product team to consider for future enhancements to the product. Best, Kelly

what about recurrent days off?

hi I have a a resource who does not work on fridays, how can I somehow include this in my projects so when I add a task, the length is automatically increased and the end date adjusted. thanks

RE: what about recurrent days off?

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Yvan, we do not have individual resource calendars or a way to auto-adjust at this time. I have passed along your feedback to the Product team for future consideration. Best, Emily

This is badly needed. My US

This is badly needed. My US resources do not stop working during Chinese holidays, nor do my China resources stop working on July 4th. Smartsheet should acknowledge this.

RE: This is badly needed. My US

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Steve -- Thanks for your comment. I have passed this along to our Product team as they continue to make improvements to Smartsheet. Best, Emily

Individual non-working days needed!

We desperately need non-working days per user. This is common functionality of a planning tool right?

RE: Individual non-working days needed!

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Ruben -- We appreciate your feedback and I have added another vote for individual non-working days. Best, Emily

+1 for per-resource time management.

Hello, Your product is really impressive. This feature may be a decisive factor for us in the choice of our company's project management tool. Any chance to get feedback if this item is in your roadmap and when you think it can be rolled out? Thanks!

RE: +1 for per-resource time management.

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hi Oz. Thank you for your feedback! We have added your vote and passed it onto our Product Team. Here is a look at our upcoming product roadmap. Thank you! - The Smartsheet Team

I don't see it on the roadmap

I don't see it on the roadmap - when is this planned to be looked at?

Re: I don't see it on the roadmap

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hello Marek- Per-Resource Time Management has been submitted to the product team and your vote for an enhancement has been counted. As you can imagine, there are many features we are working to improve, and the ones that are next in line are available on the roadmap. At this point, our best recommendation is to keep checking back, and continue voicing your desire for this feature in the Smartsheet community at

Ressources management : days off per ressource

Hi, Please help us assigning days off not in the calendar as a global rule for everybody, but as an individual vacancy. Then it should behave as it does for global days off, postponing days when some are not available in the calendar. This really misses. Thanks for your help.

RE: Ressources management : days off per ressource

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hello Olivier, your suggestion for individual working days has been suggested to the product team. Thank you!

another vote

I vote for the 'working hours per user' feature too, all my team work on different days and smartsheet is pretty useless for them

RE: another vote

Smartsheet Community Manager's picture
Hello Tom, Your vote has been submitted. Thank you! - The Smartsheet Team

Another vote

We really need this feature so we do not have to make so many dependencies calls to dependent tasks (manual work around) to get the correct schedule. Add my vote Thanks James Quast, PMP

Another vote

Diana Ramos's picture
Hi James, Thanks for sharing your feedback. I've added your vote to the list. Thanks, Diana

Assigned resource changes

How can we change the duration of a task based on the booked % of a resource? For example, if I have a resource assigned to a task 100% for a duration of 1 day, but then that resource gets reallocated onto another project (one that I don't 'own') for 75%. So now I have the resource 25% and how can I have the duration of that task now show 4 days instead of 1 day?

RE: Assigned resource changes

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Eric, please email our Support team at [email protected] and someone will be happy to help you! Thank you, Emily

Resource Management

We should learn some tricks on resource management it is quite beneficial for us and I hope we can get suitable options for learning about different management system. Management system is really essential and especially in an organization we need strong management system to maintain a better working atmosphere and culture as well as employee engagement also.

RE: Resource Management

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi there -- Glad to hear that you find resource management helpful! If you'd like to learn more about it, here's a quick overview video: Best, Emily

Total Hours

Is there a way to manage resources with total hours instead of % allocation? Example, Task takes 20 hours and starts 8/8/2015 and ends 9/15/2015.

RE: Total Hours

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Liz -- Duration in hours is not currently included in resource management. However, since you can enter duration in hours, there is less need for the allocation column. You could leave the allocation column turned off on project sheets, or leave it at the default 100%, and just type your task duration in hours. We know resource management is important, and I have passed along your feedback to the Product team. Best, Emily

Resource Availability

Is there a way to identify available resources, besides just visually scanning the RM view on the home tab? For example, using the info in the blog post above, I would like to generate a report (or sheet) that highlight or tell me that John is 75% available on 1/14/13 (based on the data shown in the picture for Step 1 above).

RE: Resource Availability

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Gordon -- The only two indicators of resource availability are the resource view on the sheet and the resource over-allocation icon when typing in someone's name. I have made sure to send this comment to our Product team for future consideration! Best, Emily

project work schedules

How do I set the work calendar? When my personnel are deployed on a project, they work 10 hours a day, six days a week. How do I change these settings?

RE: project work schedules

Emily Esposito's picture
Hi Scott -- Sheet owners and collaborators with Admin access can configure non-working days and holidays for a project, as well as the length of working days in hours. Here's a Help article with steps on how to do this: Best, Emily

vacation time planning

Any way to omit vacations from available time in the project plan? If I set up a special project sheet for vacations, then I can over allocate resources when they're on vacation. I'd rather have the schedule push out the duration of the overlapping task sometimes.

Hi David,

Hi David, Your thinking of having the separate sheet for vacations is good. I do that very thing for ours. With resource management turned on for all sheets, it will take the vacation sheet and any other sheet that resource is on and add them together. The over allocated icon will appear on both the vacation sheet and the other sheet as well as in your resource management view, therefore notifying you if you over allocate someone. I take this a step further and run a report to bring everything together in 1 gantt and calendar view. Good luck, Peace! Hope this helps

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