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Marketing Innovation at, the official website of Telluride, Colorado, is the source for all things Telluride – from lodging, vacation planning, and property management of condos and private homes, to the ongoing stream of events and festivals.

For the group behind the scenes, it's a constant juggling act to keep the town a top destination from ski season to the busy summer months. With so much to manage,'s Marketing Manager Hart Roberts shares below how they use Smartsheet to grow Telluride's presence in the hospitality industry with targeted, personalized campaigns.

Q: What do you do for

A: I lead all of our marketing and promotional efforts. While you may think Telluride is just a winter destination, it’s always a busy time for us. In fact, we’re in the process of launching three new websites, acquiring more properties and growing our online presence. And our events schedule is fast-paced. From late spring through early fall, Telluride hosts a festival or event – every single weekend.

Q: How does Smartsheet help you stay on top of it all?

A: Here's an example. has a really strong social media presence that we use to successfully promote our festival season, engage with our customers, and receive feedback from past guests. One of the ways we engage with our community is through sponsoring countless contests and giveaways.  

Our entry forms for these contests are all Smartsheet web forms. They’re easy for our customers to fill out, and the customer information is automatically fed into our sheets and instantly organized for us. It’s my favorite feature in the product. <use this template for similar event registration>

Q: What benefit are you seeing from using Smartsheet?

A: Before setting up this system in Smartsheet, we didn’t have a solid lead generation or data management platform in place. Hosting contests or giveaways was a huge hassle – our approach to gathering contact information and guest comments was sporadic.  Occasionally a guest would leave behind an email address, but for the most part we didn’t have an organized method to continue to stay in touch with them once they’d left Telluride. 

With web forms in Smartsheet, we now have a repository for all of our past guests’ contact information - and we’re able to learn more about them as people: what markets they travel from, where they like to stay while in town, if they prefer luxury or budget travel. 

When customers enter a contest or giveaway, they also use the web form to tell us about their hobbies and interests - for example: if they’re interested in visiting during the ski season or are more interested in our summer activities, if they like bluegrass music or classical performances. 

Q: Net result?

A: Having organized access to this information has transformed my marketing efforts. I’m now able to send customers emails and information about their specific interests. It’s no surprise that this targeted marketing has been successful. With the email campaigns, I’ve seen improved click-throughs, open rates and conversions, all thanks to Smartsheet.

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Thanks for the great talk... and even better product! Cheers.

Great Post

Awesome post. A perfect example of how smartsheet can make things more efficient and better. Contests and giveaways can be rough without it.

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