Top 10 Support Tips from 2013


Top 10 Support Tips from 2013

Light BulbIt’s hard to believe 2014 is almost here! A fresh year brings with it new opportunities to stay organized and boost productivity. To help you get ready to tackle the new year, we're counting down our most popular tips from 2013. Everything from snazzy formatting tricks to step-by-step instructions for building out complex formulas, these 10 valuable tips deserve another look.


10How to Build a Nested IF Statement
IF formulas look at an entry in one cell and automatically creates a value in another cell based on that entry. Our most popular post breaks down this complex type of formula into step-by-step instructions so you can automate your sheets in no time flat.

9How to Organize Completed Tasks
When you’re managing complex projects or planning massive events, staying organized is key to success. Check out these best practices for keeping track of tasks your team has already accomplished.

83 Formatting Tricks You Oughta Know
Effective formatting is extremely powerful, especially when you use it strategically. These three tricks will help you highlight important information in your sheet, so you can find main points with a quick look. They’ll make your sheets look pretty slick, too!

7How to Use the Checkbox Formula
Here’s another great post about the details of using a complex formula that can be a little tricky. This formula counts checkboxes that have been checked off -- super handy for long lists of tasks to be completed.

7How to Create Conditional Reminders
Learn how to use this formula to automate reminders for your team based off of a specified reminder date. Conditional reminders will only send a reminder to your team if a task is not complete.

5How to Maximize Team Collaboration in a Workspace
Workspaces are a great way to group sheets for your team all together in one spot. Check out these tips for efficiently working together with your team, customizing your workspace, and backing up information.

4Creating a Work-Back Schedule
When you have a big due date or event kick-off, planning your project is much easier when you start your plans at an end date and then work backwards. Save time and use Smartsheet effectively to build your own work-back schedule.

3Using Column Symbols
A picture (or an RYG ball, star, or flag) says a thousand words. Add column symbols into your sheets to quickly communicate status, priority, progress and more with just a glance.

2Power of the Primary Column
Did you know that the Primary Column in Smartsheet is different than every other column in your sheet? Learn why it’s important and how to take advantage of the powers of the Primary Column to better manage your work.

1Use Cell Linking to Create a Master Gantt Chart
Customize your own dashboard of information so you’ll never be caught without the latest details. Rolling up different project plans using cell linking across your team to one high level overview is easy, and a great way to keep focused on the big picture.

What about your list of top tips from the year? Any Smartsheet secrets or productivity ideas we didn’t cover that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them, let us know here!

Til next year, dig in and explore!

- Support Team

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