Transform Collaborative Work with Smartsheet and G Suite


Transform Collaborative Work with Smartsheet and G Suite

In today’s highly unpredictable business environment, interoperability between diverse applications is becoming increasingly important. Companies are demanding tools that allow their employees to work seamlessly across platforms. A strong cloud ecosystem with partners that work well together allows business leaders to focus on their organizations, and provides workers with the tools they need to get work done the way they want to work. 

Leveraging Cloud Partnerships to Drive Digital Transformation

Rapidly growing enterprises are realizing that they need to digitally transform their businesses in order to stay competitive. To enhance their products, processes, and decision making, they need to leverage strategic cloud partnerships to get the maximum value from the applications and platforms they invest in and provide to their employees.

One such company is QAD, a company that provides integrated business software for manufacturing companies in over 100 countries around the world. As QAD navigated through the digital transformation of the business, their goals were to stick with vendors they knew worked well for managing their business operations.  

“Today, all departments at QAD including human resources, finance, sales, and services are using Smartsheet for project and portfolio management,” says Scott Lawson, Director of IT Architecture at QAD. “Smartsheet is one of a few approved enterprise-wide applications at QAD, as is G Suite.”

QAD chose Smartsheet and G Suite because they were easy for employees to use, which helped drive adoption and add value across the organization. Smartsheet and G Suite also brought flexibility needed to address outlying issues across the business, whereas the project management tools that QAD departments were using before Smartsheet was adopted were complex and made it easy to make mistakes. 

While QAD was using G Suite and Smartsheet, they wanted to ensure that the two really worked “better together” to help shape best practices for future growth. Simply having tools that are easy for employees to use and powerful enough to drive collaborative work around the globe wouldn’t be enough to take QAD to the next level. They needed tools that complement each other to help employees work more effectively and efficiently with team members around the world. Collaboration works best when everyone is working from the same platform and using tools they are comfortable leveraging. 

Working with Google Cloud and G Suite

Fortunately for QAD, G Suite and Smartsheet work seamlessly together to maximize employee efficiency and business impact. Smartsheet works with G Suite in 15 different ways. These integrations transform collaborative work and allow for a polished productivity experience. 

There are number of ways that QAD employees benefit from this collaboration. While managing their work in Smartsheet, workers can start a Google Hangout with one click by rolling over someone’s name in a sheet. Teams can join Google Hangouts across devices, so each employee can work on the device that’s most convenient for them.  

Furthermore, workers can also create and store documents in Google Drive and access them directly from a row within Smartsheet, making it easy for everyone to quickly find the information relevant to a project or process and collaborate on Google Docs or Google Slides as needed. They can also use Smartsheet Sync to send Google Forms responses directly to their project plans in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet also offers the ability to log on with G Suite credentials through its Google Authentication, saving employees the time and hassle of having to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access the tools they need to get their work done. 

By leveraging this strategic cloud partnership as part of their digital transformation, QAD has grown to be a 1,700+ person company driving more than $275M in annual revenue. Thanks in part to the collaboration between Google Cloud and Smartsheet, their employees can work together and with their customers to continue to create the best full-featured manufacturing ERP software.

The Strategic Value of Cloud Partnerships

Strong cloud partnerships help companies like QAD evolve into digital enterprises and stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing business environment. While alliances like the one between Google Cloud and Smartsheet are typically behind the scenes, apps and platforms that are ever more connected take the burden off of businesses and employees, making it easier to connect with each other and find the information they need to get work done.  

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